Attunements With The Masters


Attunements With The Masters

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If you ever wanted to know what it is like to walk the path of study with the Ascended Masters and Archangels of the Rays of Light, these Attunements With The Masters sessions are for you. You might already be in touch with the Beings of Light and want to expand your spiritual study. This advanced spiritual work is for those who are 100% dedicated to the Light (there’s an attunement for that as well.)

There are 2 formats currently…Recorded Distance Attunements and LIVE group Attunements. Be sure to select the right type below. We also offer a Monthly Membership which grants access to all of the month’s group activations.)

There is an option to have the correlating Spray of Light sent to you that goes with your attunement. Select that option below to add to your cart, Please note that Memberships do not include sprays at this time.

Thank you for understanding that the energy of these Activations will only reach the person who signs up and cannot be shared with someone else.


Each week on Thursday we focus on a different God-Like attribute and the Rays of Light that represent those attributes will be brought forward through your own connection to Source by Father/Mother God, ushered in by the Beings of Light to help your soul’s growth and ascension. The last Thursday of every month is an Attunement specifically dedicated to one Ray of Light.

There are 12 Rays of Light we will be exploring, one Ray on the last Thursday of each month.

The group Attunement meetings occur over the phone and listening via the web is an option. Toll free numbers are available for you in your country, worldwide.

Theresa guides you into a meditative state that creates experiences with the Rays and Beings of Light using a transfiguration process called consciousness transport where your consciousness travels in your merkaba to other angelic realms and dimensions to include the etheric retreats (every Ray of Light has one on the planet.) Any transformation that happens is between you, your I AM Presence (soul), Father/Mother God, and the Beings of Light that are there assisting. The goal of the Attunements is to increase the energetic flow while removing blockages to that flow so that a person’s core reality can emerge.

Individual results may vary. These sessions are for the sovereign and empowered, who take personal responsibility for their lives and what they are creating.

Join us on Thursdays at 3pm HST, where we gather with the Beings of Light to receive the Rays of Light during distance sessions online. If you order a session but cannot make it live for the facilitation of the group session, the Rays of Light will still reach you. These LIVE sessions are by audio only (phone) and are not by video at this time. So, no worries there.

Below is the schedule of this month’s attunements:

  • JULY 25 3pm HST/9pm EST (replay available for 24 hours)


(If you would like a personal attunement that is individualized and not part of the group format, please contact us.)

When you sign up, we will email you the link to the phone number to call or listen in online up to 24 hours in advance of the session.

*During the Attunements, Theresa is detached from what your experience is during the group session. Each experience is unique to each who attend. Tuning into and remembering hundreds of experiences of everyone on the call would be a lot to keep track of. So, if you received a violet cloak from the Beings of Light during an attunement and want to know what that represented…a follow up 1:1: session purchase will be needed in order to intuitively look into that for you.

SIGN UP SOONER RATHER THAN LATER. Seats usually sell out and no sales are permitted within 24 hours of when the session is scheduled to begin. We have energetic prep work to complete beforehand.

You can learn more about how group and distance sessions work here.

A good Time Zone Converter can be found here. International toll free numbers are available for the call.

Sessions are NOT available for replay after the live sessions. No recording is permitted during the call. Only those who sign up will receive the Attunements.


*****MONTHLY MEMBERSHIPS are available for purchase below. It includes the group weekly Attunements and both the monthly New Moon Manifesting and Full Moon Gatherings (totaling $250 in value.) This is not a subscription at this time so you will need to set a calendar reminder each month to sign up. We also will email you to remind you. Memberships do not includes Sprays of Light at this time.



These are by distance and are not live, so they can be ordered at any time. Feel free to choose these below by subject:

*Energy of the Month Attunement (clears and preps you for the month’s energies)

*Abundance and Prosperity Attunement

*Personal Power, Boundaries Attunement

*Divine Purpose & Career Attunement

*Love Attunement (of all kinds to include romantic and self-love)

*Divine Relationship Attunement (aligns you with the highest vibrational partnership this lifetime & also works for deepening friendships)

*Peace & Aloha Attunement

*Physical Healing Attunement

*Divine Clarity Attunement (spiritual perception)

*Activation of Intuitive & Healing Gifts Attunement

*Fertility & Conception Attunement (no physical results are guaranteed)

If you have any questions, please be in touch.

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