Violet Flame Gatherings

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The Violet Flame was created for your liberation. It clears karma so you don't have to live multiple lifetimes to reach enlightened states.

You can't step into 5d relationships and realities (like unconditional love) with 3d patternings (codependence, stubbornness.) That's why I created the monthly Violet Flame Full Moon help you shift those old patterns out and bringing in more liberty in your life. Join us for our next gathering this Sunday 3pm HST/9pm EST.

BOGO applies to these gatherings so when you buy one, you can invite your friend. Sale ends Sunday at midnight.

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Value and Being Awakened

Sometimes people ask why psychics are more expensive to get a reading from than a card reader. In a psychic reading, it doesn't take 25 minutes to answer one question like a lot of card readings can take (which don't require psychic gifts). I love my card readers and they are great, but if you ask why the price difference, it's about psychic gifts that have been developed, time you want to spend asking other questions, accuracy and whether you value these things. If a reader adds healing to the session, of course the cost is higher as well. If you work with a psychic who can answer questions within 25 minutes what you normally would in an hour long psychic reading, then the price will be even higher. You get what you pay for.

To someone who sees and understands value, you won't have to explain these things.

Same goes for someone who teaches you to properly manifest your future vs always having someone read your future and keeps you in that loop of paying them vs learning your own tools. This lifetime for the mass collective is about learning the tools and true empowerment ( a blue ray theme.) Do you want a teacher or to stay asleep? Some are more asleep than they realize and there is an agenda out there to keep you that way meanwhile having you think you are awakened. This upcoming eclipse season is going to help shift that for those who truly want it.

Some have become spiritually lazy and it is concerning for many teachers who see it. Spirituality has become a trend rather than a pathway to developing your relationship with God and there are people with fame and no ability to properly lead. It’s part of the problem. Spirituality in it’s true form requires discipline.

Wanna Join Me Live?


This week's schedule for LIVEstreams on Patreon (the only place you can join me live right now):

MONDAY (LIVE General healing)

WEDNESDAY (LIVE Sprays of Light Healing & Q&A)

FRIDAY (LIVE Q&A for Intuitive Guidance - everyone receives guidance)

***All 3 LIVEstreams this week are at 3pm HST/9pm EST

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For The Gold Star Families

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For the gold star families this Memorial Day. We remember. 💗 We lost my cousin. Im a war veteran. My family has a few Meal of Honor recipients from WW2. For some families, this weekend is about more than bbq, swimming pool parties, beach trips, and discount codes. We salute you.
(This isn't about politics, folks. It's about remembering and honoring.)

The only ones I am offering any discount codes to are gold star family members, members of active duty, and veterans.

There Are Teachers At Every Level For Your Choosing

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There are teachers at every level like there are students at every level. Whatever you want to learn is available to you. Whatever you want to experience is available to you you. Some teach from their wounds as if it's Universal truth and those attracted are those with similar wounding. Those with deep programming are attracting others who resonate with that. There are teachers available for those waking currently from this state. It's all soul led and you have much more control than you might think about what lessons or experiences you have. And remember, someone acting from a wounded place will expect you to do the same. You get to choose how or if you engage. Not all can see the truth yet, but for those who can see it for what it is always head back to the truth telling teachers. Don't try to shift their point of view, sometimes the wounded state is where they need to be. But you don't have to stay there. Know this. Your higher self and I AM Presence are guiding you and many of you are allowing more than ever your God Presence to guide you. This all leads up to the next step of our collection evolutionary timeline set to shift this summer. One last thing...the number of followers or subscribers a person has does not make them a spiritual teacher. All it reveals is the number of people resonating with a person's message or agenda, not how accurate they are. Not all paths are of the Light. More to come in the June Energy Update.

InLight, Theresa

The Agenda Is Revealed

People always reveal who they really are. Someone just admitted on their video they use black magic when they promote themselves as working with angels. Angels assist all of us, but working with them to deliver messages is a whole other thing. Please use your discernment. This was a rather large channel revealing their true agenda. If you listen, you will always know who is on the path of Light because those who are not have to reveal themselves. This is Universal Law. So many want to be a spiritual advisor but can't embody that while chasing fame. Choose your advisors wisely. You'll figure it out. You watching this are way more enlightened than most. The wolf in sheep's clothing will be more active than you've seen in a long time later this year. Have no fear, you are soul led and we will touch on this a bit in the June Energy Update.

And it doesn’t have to play out as us vs them behavior. As long as you are standing in the Light (best if you can do so confidently, but without judgement), those who are not will flee. Find your place of neutrality. It is your place of power.

Unseen Agendas

If you're the obsessive type, the current energy will give those around you the opportunity to see it more than usual. Enough stalking already. Watch the codependent (what's he or she up to so I can feel better) kind of behavior too. This isn't stuff you can hide right now and need to be shifting anyway. Sadly some readers encourage this not knowing what false light agenda they are buying into. Choose the Light.

Personal Card of the Day

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Do you love the Card of the Day general readings on Theresa’s Instagram Story and the YouTube Community Section?

If you would like to have a personal card of the day pulled for you, this offers just that.

A short description with a photo of your card are provided by email. Current wait time is 1- 12 hours.

Follow up questions are not included in this session type. Please order a follow-up reading or 1:1 session if you need clarity afterwards.

Have questions? Get in touch with Theresa and her team here.


The Full Moon Energies Have Begun To Arrive

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The energy shifted this morning and already we are feeling the full moon scorpio energies coming through. If anyone is behaving fraudulently, you will be found out. Any underlying agendas not 100% of the Light steeped in lack and manipulation (no matter how positive the intention) will be found out. We discussed in an earlier energy update that integrity is important and be sure that you are not incorrectly accusing another because you have a hard time facing your fears. This is a time to surrender and be honest. This is not a time to try to control. Release. Thursday we have the Violet Flame gathering if you would like to attend and be aided by the Beings of Light and the Rays of Light of Source.

PS If you like more updates, please keep up with the community tab on my YouTube channel, follow me on Instagram, or join my Patreon page. Those avenues provide more content daily.

An Energy Update

You guys may remember my mentioning that things we settled on or tolerated leading up to 2018 can no longer be settled for or tolerated in 2019? This includes relationships, jobs, lifestyles you might not like but think won't get better. By the eclipses coming up in July, you will be getting those things sorted and seeing things you really enjoy, beginning to manifest. For some, there are signs showing now that things are changing in your favor like a relationship ending, leaving a job you don't love, or something big in your life shifting. The end of July will be life changing for many. You will recognize the areas I am talking about in your life as any area that feels forced or the old ways of doing things are no longer working for you. If you need clarity on these things, intuitive sessions are great for that. Many of us have timelines and destinations we are meant to be on before this fall.

Space Clearing Special for Mother's Day

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For Mother's Day, I am running a distance space clearing special for you and your home. This includes your pets if you wish. Simply set the intention of including your pets when you sign up. All other family members will need to sign up individually unless they are under the age of 12.

You will receive an email when the clearing is complete. Click the link below to donate $33 for your clearing today:

The donation link is also in my menu.

To all of the women in the world, thank you.

Image: Energetic Synthesis

An Update on Current Energies

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The BEings of Light refer to this month as a month of miracles. Of huge shifts that prepare us for a higher destiny that some of the new earth are walking into. The human side may perceive things as being intense. People who are uncomfortable with the emotional depths that the approaching full moon in scorpio energy is already bringing might be accusatory, rude, or even aggressive. Some saw this on Saturday. A few perhaps today. Stick to those who are of a high vibe. Those who know themselves well will not be bothered as much by this behavior and see it for what it is, especially those who have a scorpio sun moon or rising will see it for what it is. This might play out as people trying to out one another and possibly seeing things through an inaccurate lens or outting for reasons that are unfounded or in an inaccurate way especially by those not dealing with their inner shadows. It's way easier to accuse someone else than look at yourself. Unless you are a scorpio. Also, some will be accurately accused and secrets will come out that the collective was not willing to dive deep enough to look at before now. If you ask a scorpio, they knew these things already. They're good people to have as friends. Also, prepare for things to come out like child abuse and many many break ups. Don't worry, it's only things that need to come out or break ups that needed to happen so your positive future can unfold. My scorpio friends love this time of year because it's kind of entertaining to them to see others try to deal with energies scorpio deals with daily. It's not for the faint of heart. Center. Get a healing and stay with your positive peeps. I mentioned in the earlier energy updates this year that integrity is paramount to move into the higher realms. Accountability for some begins now and for some who haven't been in their integrity, they might try to pawn it off on someone else. Just breathe. Luckily here on Kauai we get in the water daily and let the ocean cleanse us. Salt water ocean dips and epsom salt baths are underrated. Oh you'll see this trend increase until about the 18th. Then it starts to taper off. And perhaps you thought the back to back libra full moons were intense... More so this week though abundance is increasing for many and luckily we have the Taurus energies to help keep things stable as well.

An additional message from Spirit:

It's important to not use current energies as an excuse to be cruel to another. If anger or an intense emotion is coming up, deal with it internally. Get help. Also, accept that others can't deal with the intensity well and might act out. The violet flame and forgiveness as well as the peace of the 6th ray will be of great assistance to you. I have world healing group calls if you are interested.

The image above is infused with the love of 6th Ray Ascended Master Lady Nada.