It's My Birthday (Here's a discount code)

Today is my birthday and if you’d like to help me celebrate, buy a Spray of Light! I created the Make A Wish spray a year ago on my birthday as a suggestion by the Beings of Light because they said with this spray, every day is your birthday. How do you use it? Close your eyes. Make A Wish and then spray all around you like your fairy godmother would sprinkle you with fairy dust. It’s been most known recently for clearing headaches. Strange, I know, but it works and instantly on most who have tried.

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Now is a great time to order your sprays for the holidays too! They make great stocking stuffers. Hard to believe it’s that season already, huh? If you need help choosing a spray, my current best sellers are Empath’s Empowerment, Love, and Mary Magdalene.

Have a great day!

The Libra Equinox

solstice at stonehenge.jpg

September 23rd is the solstice, when the sun crosses the equator...the half way meridian point on the planetary body. Sort of like how the heart chakra is the balancing point or tipping point for the chakra system in the physical body. It's a bridgeway. The sun will be officially shifting into libra as well on this day and I have to say that it is really welcomed after months of no planets being in air signs at all. It's been like a breath of fresh air for the past week, officially since the first planets moved into libra on September 13th. During this time, you may feel life is at a tipping point towards the direction you wish to move into and brings welcome change for many, if it has not already as it can be felt as early as a week prior to the equinox/solstice event. How this affects the earth is different for each hemisphere. Which has me thinking about the hemipsheres of the brain and pineal gland activations. Some are finding themselves slowing down in some areas of their life and some are speeding up in other areas of their life to concentrate on what makes their soul sing. Depending on where you live, you will watch the seasons begin to shift as well as the light. As the sun moves into libra, the moon will soon follow and we will have a new moon in libra this week.

If you have planets in libra, this will be deeply felt and in a wonderful way. You might feel more like yourself again after months of moving at a pace way too slow for any air sign. Some of you may find yourself at an emotional tipping point in terms of these changes and it will be amazing. All of this energy brings light, harvest, balance, and serenity. Some of you may be finalizing a decision, and as much and libras get a bad wrap for making decisions...once they do, they often are final. Libras are truly great decision makers, it's why they have the justice card representing them in many card decks, they weigh all options and that can take a while. You can't always rush diplomacy.

If you would like a special equinox Spray of Light to bring more balance into your life, there is an equinox spray that is infused with this season's energies. DM me for how to order and I will send you the link. It costs $22 and includes free shipping to North America.

Are you feeling these peaceful energies arrive? Do you find yourself at a tipping point and finalizing a decision? Are you feeling liberated?

InLight, Theresa

If you would like an equinox reading, please get in touch. I have some time for you this week.

The Green Ray of Light Entering the Earth's Atmosphere

The Green Ray of Light entering into the atmosphere. The aurora borealis are one way to see the Rays of Light entering the atmosphere with the naked eye. This Ray governs the heart chakra and is associated with service and most known for physical healing. It also helps with abundance.

You can check out the following Sprays of Light infused with the Green Ray:


Make A Wish

The Heart Chakra

Calling All Angels


The Divine Mother

The Custom Spray

If you'd like to know what sprays would like to work with you, feel free to reach out. Click here to learn more about these Sprays of Light!

InLight, Theresa

Video: Nick Fitzhardinge

Thank you for your patience

Thank you for your patience with the publishing of the September 2019 Energy Update. I have been ill for about a month now and the energy has not been right for channeling. There have been many things demanding my attention and it has been difficult to gather the energy to film this one, but I will.

Stay tuned.

Today's New Moon In Virgo


Today is a new moon in Virgo. This new moon is a special one and lucky because the energy of Virgo being present is a real bonus. That energy grounds the new inspirations you are receiving. What that means is that there are new inspirations arriving and they can manifest more efficiently and more realistically because it is grounded in Virgo. Think foundations. Think realism, rather than fantasy. There have been times earlier this year when we received downloads of ideas and inspirational content and wanted to act on them, but the grounded energy wasn’t present so the ideas never really got off the ground. This energy is different and that is good news for many. This is a great time for starting something new. You are different form all of the changes of the summer and the DNA upgrades we received in July and integrated in August. If you have an idea and you’re passionate about it, now is the time to tell others and to start it. I’ll talk more about how this energy affects relationships in the September 2019 Energy Update video on YouTube. Stay tuned.

Join Us Tomorrow for some Violet Flame Healing

Tomorrow is the monthly Violet Flame Distance Healing. If you would like to sign up, donate $22 at the link below. There is no webinar to join. Archangels Zadkiel and Gabriel will be present this month's session providing a boost to clearing karma and assistance on your path of ascension.


Welcome to the 8:8 Lion's Gate

lions gate - artistunknown.png

Today is the peak of the 8:8 Lon's Gate energy opening. This is the perfect day for connecting and gathering with others and the lifting of your frequency via DNA upgrades and anchoring in new Light Codes.

This is the pathway of the cobalt Blue Ray of Light from Source via Sirius and the Orion constellation entering into our solar system via our Sun. There is a connection to Lyrans with this portal. Indigos traveled here via this portal to incarnate on earth.

This is the highest vibrational Light event of 2019. This energy is special this year because it aligns with Jupiter and Venus bringing with it shifts in the heart and introduces more ability to let go of the old and bring in the new. This allows you to anchor in more compassion, forgiveness, authenticity, love, and to be sensitive while strong at the same time. Abundance and prosperity increase for many now. Many will find new love connections during and after this time. Romance increases. There is a freedom to do the things we really desire now because the eclipses of July shifted out a lot of old karmic patterns and ancestral myasms.

This is one of the greatest energy shifts of the year. My monthly Energy UPdates on YouTube have alluded to this event. There is nothing you have to do to receive these higher vibrations. Simply intend and allow.

8 is the number of the month of August and the number of 2 cards of the day in my Instagram stories. The number 8 creates flow and balance. Flow between polarities are free now. Release of duality. Balance of yin and yang, masculine and feminine, Divine Will reigns now. This flow includes unification in love and divine union. Surrendering control allows the flow. (There is a spray for this.) This includes flow of Light and your life force. Test the waters of newness. This energy is very expansive and you balance it with flexibility, flow, and grace.

How are you experiencing this energy today? This connection is always with you. You have cleared and healed so much recently so you can anchor in this new Light now.

PS The August Energy Update is now live on YouTube.

Lots of Love to you!


LIVE Group Online Psychic Reading Session

Join us Sunday August 18, 2019 11am HST/ 5pm EST for a LIVE group online psychic reading session. You can get your questions answered and have a Spray of Light recommended for you. The beauty of a group call is that often others’ answers will also benefit you or be a question you also had. Each person can ask an in depth question and will receive and in depth answer.

Check out the Events Page for the schedule. Or contact us.

The Beings of Light like to provide a short Light Code Activation during or at the end of the session.

Please note that your messages will be heard by others.

You may sign up as late as one business day prior. Feel free to check out my Events page to add this event to your calendar.

This group will be kept small, to 10 people or less.


Hold Tight

There is a lot of anger in the human collective right now and until that calms down, I can't get your energy update filmed. I've tried several times over the past few days and it has not panned out. Hold tight. These things always work out this way for a reason. Thanks for your patience. I wanna get your messages out to you. The energy just has to be right. Also, we have a tropical storm rolling through.

If you want a 1:1 and see this message, email me for a discount code. It’s good for 24 hours.

The Lost Skill of Compassion & The Fine Art of Listening

The art of compassion is a lost art for many. So too is the skill of listening. If your first reaction is to analyze and offer advice rather than listen with love, you have a lot of work to do. Especially if you call this helping. There are reasons why there are professionals who can hold space during sacred times offering guidance gained through psychic insight when requested by a client. It is not your job to fix the people listening to you, to judge them, or to secretly pull cards on their situation without asking. That is a codependent trait, and offering advice without permission is highly undermining. It is your subconscious belief that the person you are listening to cannot resolve their own situation. Everyone is soul led. Even those that seem lost. Leave the therapy to the professionals. Until then, your only job is to listen and to love. Not to pretend or hold back advice, but to truly love the person who has chosen you to listen. That in itself is a sacred act and highly underrated skill.

Want help in these areas? I'd be happy to train you.

Current Energies

Watch your reaction to criticism. Being defensive or immediately brushing it away won't help you and might offend someone close to you. You don't have to act on it, but people want to hear that their needs are important to you. So listen. Practice compassion. They're not attacking you. Ironically what they're really need to act on and others aren't saying anything because you're not approachable. Don't let the fact that you haven't heard it before be why you turn it down. That's ignorant and deflective.