So I created a podcast


I noticed a few years ago that I often wanted to listen to YouTube while doing something else, like on a long walk or while doing dishes. Of course you could play it on speakers when in the house, but on my longer strolls through nature, my phone would stop playing the youtube video if I attempted to lock the screen. However, it would let me listen to audio recordings. Strange, right? I can’t speak for iPhone users and if they have the same issue. I am a loyal Samsung user.

So, for a long time I just held my phone in my hand a little nervous that I might accidentally touch the screen and switch videos. But, I still listened to what was playing rather than watch. Sometimes it’s easier to listen to things for me when doing other things.

Almost two years ago I had a vision of having a podcast. I would check in every 6 months or so about it with my guides and played with the idea and of content, but the timing just didn’t feel right.

Also what crossed my mind is what would I talk about? As if I need a reason to talk lol, but I did wonder about what you, my subscriber, would be interested in. Then I received an email from a woman who loves to listen to my videos and asked me to create a podcast. I knew then that it would be happening soon although to be honest the idea of figuring that out how to do that seemed a bit overwhelming. Thankfully, my website host Squarespace has the best DIY tutorials and it is kinda fun to try out something new like a podcast. They even showed me how to connect to Apple iTunes for publishing my podcast. For free. Nope, lol this is not an ad.

So, I went and did it. I figured it out. My first podcast is up on my website and on iTubes, with the April Energy Update. I feel excited about it. Right now, I plan to post Energy Updates as audios monthly with at least weekly channellings or other discussions. I have some fun ideas for other episodes like channellings about topics of interest. I of course welcome podcast topic ideas for spiritual discussion and would get insight from the Beings of Light for general topics.

You can find my podcast on iTunes and also here on my website in the drop down menu. I am still figuring out if I want to put up videos of my audio recordings on YouTube and how that might develop. That part I am still processing. What do you think about it? Any content you wanna hear about? I was gonna say see, but you’ll be listening rather than watching.

I hope you find it helpful. I feel excited about it and hope you do too.

A Special Request - Animal Totems & Jupiter Retrograde

animal totem.jpeg

I need your help with something. So I had something happen today and I have to get some emergency dental work done. Spirit let me know about a week ago about it coming and so yesterday I put my sessions and healing at a discounted rate. They a few moments ago also are recommending I create a short term special Animal Totem reading and a Jupiter Retrograde reading.

How it works:

Donate between $5 and $20 HERE and you will receive an email from me with the Animals that are assisting you at this time as well as how they are helping you.

I also have a secondary reading called the Jupiter Retrograde reading which lets you know what to focus on and how to make the most of the next 4 months. I’m offering this reading for $44. If you donate HERE, I will receive an email notification of your donation. Once I receive that (usually within minutes), I will then provide you an audio recording of your reading and how to make the most of these next few months to maximize on your spiritual growth.

If you know of anyone needing a reading, please feel free to pass this on to them. It would be greatly appreciated.

Lots of Love to you and yours


Come join us for the first annual Aloha Aina Festival for Earth Day

Come join us for the first annual Aloha Aina Festival at the Anahola Marketplace as we celebrate Earth Day together as an island!

There will be Kauai grown organic goodness, holistic health enthusiasts, Kauai made products, live music, yoga on the beach, live art being created from ocean plastic trash and marine debris found on Kauai beaches, and workshops like lei po’o. The energy of this event is building and is really inspiriting. Bring your friends and ohana to the festival.

We are excited to be celebrating a fully plastic free event this day!

Come experience the Sprays of Light and all of offerings of over 45 Kauai vendors and the list is growing. It is an absolute honor to be part of this Earth Day event. Let’s celebrate Earth Day and what the many local businesses have to offer.

Energy Updates by Astrological Sign

12 signs.jpg

I have something new for you on my YouTube channel. I have 12 mini reads for each sign. I was asked to create mini energy updates by sign and many of you said you missed the I created some content for you to enjoy. Lemme know your thoughts, if we should continue them and how often. They were fun to do. Thanks for the ideas, you guys. Keep 'em coming! The link to the April Energy Update by Sign Playlist can be found here.

Also, I will be going live today on Instagram for some new moon musings. Wanna join? Set your calendar reminder for about 10am HST/4pm EST.

Lots of Love!

When do you feel most free?

none of it was real.jpg

There is a deeply felt freedom in being given the opportunity to freely be ourselves around others. There's a liberty you are giving others by allowing them to fully be themselves. The secret to allowing more for others, is allowing more within ourselves. Sometimes we already allow others more than we allow ourselves. Freedom of expression. Freedom to be ourselves, especially in joy. Freedom to laugh loudly and enjoy life our way. Sometimes expressing our joy and being ourselves gives others permission to do the same. I'm not talking about that heavy place, that's not you. That's your pain. I am talking about the part of you in your heart that is free. That always has been free.

I was invited this past month to revisit a certain situation where I was not permitted to be myself and neither were the people around me. A few could be more so because they had "seniority" and I was reminded of where in life I experience my freedoms, that I had outgrown a situation. Sometimes these retrogrades allow us a chance to revisit situations that your soul knows you've graduated from but the human self isn't sure, so you check it out again. People around the situation projected what they thought it was and I knew it was simpler and yet bigger. They addressed trying to fit in the box when I knew the box was never for me.

And I will give you a little hint, no one ever can or has taken your freedom from you. We sometimes choose to stay in situations we think we cannot change and I assure you, you can always change or shift out of the situation. By change, I do not mean trying to fit into a box not meant for you.

Like we mentioned in the recent Energy Update, the people pleasing days are over.
So I am curious, when or where do you feel most free? The most yourself and in your joy? 

And if you would like insight into your situation, please get in touch. I have some discounted 1:1s available for you.

InLight, Theresa


womens circle.png

April's Online Group Gatherings Schedule:

If you are on a budget, these are great for you. We keep each group down to 10 people or less and your participation is completely anonymous to other members. Anyone worldwide is welcome to join. Men are also welcome.

(When we meet Theresa will address the moon's energies at the beginning of the call and then all attendees will simultaneously send light to your list of things you wish to manifest.)
(Theresa will address current energies and then will offer short readings for each person on the call. Your questions will be submitted before the call. Your first name will be mentioned on this call. If you wish to make up a name, that is ok. Many benefit form the other questions asked on the call. Most groups have something in common.)
(Theresa will address the moon's energies at the beginning of the call and then all attendees will simultaneously send the violet flame during to you during a meditation to clear karma and erase old patterns that you are ready to release. Shift occur really quickly with this method.) You can read more about these gatherings in the events section of my website and the links mentioned above in blue.
***Another gathering I am considering offering is a monthly group session that provides Light to you to help make the month's energies easier. Would that be something you are interested in?

Let me know below or feel free to DM me. -Theresa

5 Special People - Limited Time Offer

5 special people.png

My schedule just opened up time for 5 special people.

I can get you in as early as Friday.

I would love to support you. 
This sale will not last long before rates go back up to $222. These same 5 people have access to purchase 30 Days of Light for $111 (reg $333)

DM to schedule.

I thought you should know...

You are loved.png

I thought you should know.

I also want you to know that you are doing great. We are doing the best we can given our circumstances. People use the tools they have and I had to remind someone today of that when they expected something to be a certain way. I was around someone who judged an emotional process because they do that in themselves. It was coupled with a superior tone to their voice about other's struggles, then applied labels for them to make her feel batter. Expressing disgust is her go to.

Often what I find is that my role as a human is in reminding someone to find compassion. It is really important as a practitioner and also as a friend. My go to in any situation are the BEings of Light. They are great because you can go to them when things get tough and part of that is because their immediate response is compassion. They're great for clarity too, but that always comes later.

Spirituality has made it more popular to label an issue than to find compassion in one's self and in others before anything else, especially before giving advice. Americans LOVE giving advice. One of the angels said to me once...when the house is on fire, it is not the time to let someone know what they needed to do to prevent it. You put the fire out first, and compassion is what is required to do that.

Your spiritual team only offers guidance when needed. Compassion comes first. Always. Especially with the angels. They don't judge you. Guides and Ascended Masters will be stern at times to keep you on track, but that's their job. Your job as a human is to offer compassion, not to judge another.

Choose love.

So after a day of witnessing judgement for one's process and for another not being allowed to be messy, I wanted you to are lovable. It was the first thing that I wanted to share with you. You are doing great and you will get through whatever you might be dealing with. Allow yourself your process.

So know this...You are lovable. All of you is loved. This is also why I created the Love spray, so you could experience the unconditional love of the Pink Ray of Light.

Lots of love to you.

Anything Goes Energy

Today is the spring equinox in the northern hemisphere and the fall equinox in the southern hemisphere. It's the astrological new year and an energetic new year. Today is a full moon and there are new beginnings in some area of your life.

The next few months will hugely focus on relationships.

Codependence, unconditional love, expectations, and more will come up. Pay attention to how you feel around a person. This is big.

We will be healing relationships in a big way.

Lots of new patterns being tried out if youre completely honest and open to love. This will require vulnerability, the key to your joy.

This love will start with yourself because it's the foundation.

Successful outcomes are energetically supported. They might look different from what you expect. They will be better though.

The chance to step up is here for you.

Body language, tone of voice, thought patterns, and what you focus on will be areas you'll be asked to get clear on. They're all great clues.

This is anything goes energy from now through the next couple of months and the next mercury retrograde will show you how far you've come and to fine tune anything you want to finalize for years to come.

These radical shifts provide the opportunity to upshift.

These changes we make now are calibrations for life in higher dimensions.

Are you excited?

Masculine & Feminine Rising

Masculine and Feminine Rising

Men, if you find comfort in making a woman silent for your convenience so you can keep from being triggered or having to FEEL something...the next few days, weeks and years will be very uncomfortable for you. You too have a relationship to the Divine Feminine within to heal.

Remember, these are your sisters, your mothers, your daughters, your wives, your inner self and relationship to Mother God herself.

If you have a hard time with someone speaking truth, you need to look at why you have suppressed your own truth.

If you have a hard time with those who freely express their emotions, perhaps you should look at why you are suppressing yours.

The days of people pleasing are OVER. 
Ignorance is no longer bliss. No more ignoring truth when you hear it.

Emotions are a guide, not something to shun or compartmentalize when at work. They are signs that if you are trying to suppress another woman from using her voice or expressing emotion, you too have something to heal and that woman in your a gift.

This is different from having a hard time being around someone who has entities attached or is a lower vibe. Those folks are hard to be around for other reasons.

If you don't like truth or emotion, at least be kind to those who are comfortable expressing it. They have done the work. Perhaps ask them how they became brave enough to do so in a public setting rather than shun them.

The Feminine is rising and the Masculine is healing as well. It all is coming into balance and there ain't nothing you can do to stop it. That fierceness in women is an inner fire that only approaches when a boundary has been crossed. You will hear it most commonly talked about when a mother's children are in danger.



Perhaps start with compassion for those around you rather than judging their emotions or right to express themselves.

No, you cannot go back to sleep.

Welcome to awakening.

Go With The Flow

go with the flow.png

Don't expect someone else to shut down their flow just because you do. (Empathically, that really is physically painful to pick up on by the way.) When you shut this down, you become ungrounded and your hara line constricts. So too do the chakras and then things stop manifesting properly and ya get cranky. You choosing to do this is your choice but expecting another to do so to try to keep from being triggered is not going to serve you in the long run. Don't get me started on men trying to shut women up. Have we not had enough of that yet?

You need to learn to keep your heart and connection with Source flowing. It's vital. It's your life force. It's what allows miracles to appear. The restriction of emotions is a huge source of disease in the body and mind. I won't get into how your energy field looks when you do it.

You can't keep shutting it down or your connection with another because youre uncomfortable with emotions and communication. That person triggering you is a gift and this is a time where review is vital, especially of relationships. Take advantage of it. Stop treating another's emotions like some virus you're afraid of catching.

You want to stop feeling the pain? Get a healing session with someone. This is a year where you cannot get away with ignoring your weak spots. And on a spiritual note, you contractually asked the person triggering you to show up. Try giving them a thank you instead of trying to shut them up next time.

You cannot stop your healing process, but you can delay it which is super uncomfortable. Stop trying to block pleasurable experiences because you're scared. You called this in. You asked for what has arrived.

On another note, don't try to share heart energy with someone if you don't plan to be their beloved. It's a violation of heart space and avoids dealing with the heart of the issue. Not sure what that issue is? Book a session.

It's all in how you handle fear. You don't wait until the fear is gone. You feel the fear and do it anyway. When you get used to working through fear in a new way, it becomes exciting. It rewires your ability to GROW.

Which is why you are here. Always speak your truth, even if your voice shakes.

New Offering - Toroidal field disc

march 2019.png

New offering! Acrylic toroidal field discs for you to charge your Sprays of Light. They're ideal for your customized sprays (Swipe right.) They activate the heart chakra and keep it in a state of flow with Source energy. The heart chakra is the bridge between the spiritual and physical realm, as well as the bridge between the upper and lower chakras. Everything manifests more easily when the heart chakra is functioning well.

They also make great coasters that energize whatever you're drinking. If you'd like one, please get in touch.

toroidal field.png

The Hanalei Farmer's Market

The view from today's market in Hanalei, at the edge of the sacred taro patch. We're here weekly from 9:30am until Noon. See the Events page for more details.


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Saints and spiritual masters of East and West have long used the Violet Flame to accelerate their spiritual development. This once secret knowledge of rapid spiritual acceleration and healing was not revealed to the masses until the 20th century.
The Violet Flame revitalizes and invigorates us. Also known to change negative energy into positive energy by transforming negative thoughts and feelings. It is a platform for healing.

Want to experience the Violet Flame of Transmutation and see what it can do for you?
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