Connection In The Higher Realms

It is so strange sometimes when your upper dimensional realities and interactions with others contrasts so strongly to the 3d reality and interactions with the same people. Someone who comes into the higher realms letting you know how much they love you and the connection is amazing, everything you ever wanted. And in person acts in ways that really show they aren't ready to embody their higher self or that connection...or at least not yet completely. My clientele and I often meet up in the spiritual etheric retreats on the planet for soul lessons. Some even have memories of it. Also, I love having people I haven't met in person come to me in the higher realms to discuss spiritual growth of situations I am involved in that include people they are also contracted to. Two nights ago someone's father came to me in a higher dimensional state and mentioned they were assisting and guiding the same person we both know to move forward with making certain choices. That was unexpected but so welcomed to know I am not doing all of the work in this. A few months back this same person's partner came forward as well. This gift of spiritual connection is interesting and I'm grateful for the higher perspectives that are possible. It's encouraging meeting people in the higher realms when they come to say hi, give solace, confirmation, and let me know I am not alone in guiding a certain union into the physical. Lucky to have all of the support. I look forward very much to meeting one of these people in person. He's just like what Spirit said he would be. So supportive and give great guidance. So grateful.

In Light, Theresa