Authentic Partnerships


When you are living an authentic life and being true to yourself, you attract partners that are equal to you. If not, you attract partners that either easily manipulate you and change you to their liking or you attract partners that you can easily manipulate and change to your liking. If you are not liking your chosen partner or living an authentic life, its time to look at why and how you can change that. Many are looking to release some stress in their life. Being honest with yourself and your partner, being true to yourself, what your needs are, and choosing another life that is calling you will release much of that stress. Trying to force a situation that isn't working might not be a situation that serves you or your highest calling. You deserve happiness and the energies coming through lately till the end of the year are here to help you move onto your highest path. I'm excited for you. And for Us.

Ironically, in the Intro to the Rays of Light Course this we week, we are covering the 9th Ray of Light which is all about Highest Potentials, Divine Love, Harmony, and Sacred Sexuality (yes, there really is a Ray for that).

In Light, Theresa