New Moon. New Words. CLEAN SLATE.

new moon.jpg

New moon. New words. Clean slate.

So at the full moon, many of you spoke truth that brought about a big closure and for some that conversation continues. It was the conversation that closed doors. Ones that have not served you for some time now.

This new moon is activating the energy needed to have conversations about truth that Opens Doors in relationships. These will be much more positive conversations.

I knew this month was promising. Slow, yet still shifting out of stagnation.

Do you have a conversation in mind? A door you're ready to open? A relationship you wanted to pursue that you perhaps believe(d) to be out of your reach or too good to be true? Its been brewing for some of you for the past couple of months, but the energy has really accelerated and the decision to take action on making the conversation happen (or be on the receiving end of such a conversation) has come to a head since the full moon.

Some of you may be feeling the "hurry up already" kinda energy and that is ok. Give it a day or two. The doors are opening for you in terms of relationships. Balance is available. What kinds of relationships? It varies from person to person. Some it's love, some it's career, some it's crossing all kinds of categories. I personally feel it's mostly love relationships for those reading this.

Here's to opening doors. Let me know how your new moon goes. Here's to new love, balance, and clean slates. It's like a giant deep breath is coming over the next two weeks. Let me know how it impacts you.

InLight, Theresa