Oh The Realness

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Some realness...

I was having a conversation with a friend who is getting really real on her professional Instagram profile about her life. No facades. No bullshit. Letting all the messy bits about her and her business shine through. Definitely zero editing. We're discussing how some of our realest posts get sometimes no likes or comments. But the overjoyed ones authentic or not, get all the likes. I appreciate her realness. For me, a person's realness always shines through, but that's what I see in people, their Light and their Shadows at levels way below the surface. It's interesting watching the internal voiceover of society and ancestors past and the fear when getting so real or posting about discussions about getting real. However, by doing so and especially publicly you give a voice and permission for others to do the same. Don't wait until the fear has passed. Feel the fear and do it anyway. These are important conversations.

InLight, Theresa