Some honesty...

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Some honesty...

What I have to say is important. My work is important. Your support is important. Loving my work first and foremost over anything else is important. So too is feeling safe.

Something that I love about Youtube is that I get to create content and I really love video format. I love working with the Beings of Light. I love watching people transform and I love watching the light bulb go on. I love break throughs. I love speaking truth. I love teaching about the Rays of Light. I love meeting Kali and Pallas Athena who show me another side of the Divine Feminine and Divine Mother that isn't always the mother we want but certainly the mother we sometimes need. I love that I got some real discussions started on the Universal Law of Free Will choice. I have so much more that the Beings of Light want to share with you. Thats excites me.

What I do not love and have had enough of is cyber bullying. Especially from people who do not like what I have to say. That shit is real. I wish that the only people that showed up were those interested in truth, but that isn't always the case.

Spirit warned me before that fateful day when the Beings of Light gave me 2 days to get my first YouTube video up, that things might get intense in terms of scrutiny. I had no idea how big that scrutiny would get. Two weeks in and my words are publicly criticized before 200k people. There was no welcome party by people that saw me as competition and who sent me their trouble clients who had the nerve to email me to let me know they did so.

Sometimes people ask why I am defensive or irritable. People don't like their beliefs challenged (which I rarely ever did on purpose) and the way some have reacted has left me at times in a corner crying in complete shock from nervous system overload. Psychic and emotional attack through projection is real. I didn't sign up for that but understand it happens.

I knew this stuff would trigger some. I don't show up all syrupy with rainbows and butterflies. Ok, I have those too. But seriously, Archangels Michael and Metatron showed me new levels of protection and shielding just before it all started. I laugh when people say oh use a bubble of white light. Ya, if you knew the levels of protection they taught me...that's child's play. It helped and still does. But nothing prepared me for the level of attack at such a personal level. Emails. Energetically. Spiritual Warfare is real and some people take to that when triggered. I get it, but I will not process your things for you. Neither one of us signed up for that.

I often choose my words wisely so that I can bypass the triggers and the programming that runs the ego. It takes work and I cannot always bypass everyone's minefield.

I find I am most open to my gifts and to deliveirng messages from Spirit when I feel safe. I don't feel safe on YouTube. I don't really like it here on Facebook and I prefer the realness of Instagram, yet it too has its issues, especially with spam.

When I provided a series of videos for 13 weeks within a closed group for my Intro to the Rays of Light class this year, I felt safer. I opened back up. I weeded out the Light Thieves and those there for the wrong reasons. Spirit mentioned to me it was important to work with paying members only back in January. Trolls and Light Thieves are far less likely to pay to abuse you.

There are days I consider most seriously giving this work up. I am very serious about that because it is intense. I've spoken to other people who are way more public and successful than me who deal with the same level of attack and seem to manage to show a happy face on camera. No one is really talking about this so I AM. My vulnerability always shines through. There's anticipation of the coming attacks often when I film and I miss the innocence of my work. Like my young friend Emma says, animals smell fear. Yes, yes, they do. Emma is wise.

I know my work is profound. I'm not ashamed to say that. I know what level of Light I work with. I know where my work is going. I know phases for me are ending and new ones are beginning.

Things are about to shift and I will be making an announcement in the next few days in terms of where my work is going. Most likely, this week or next. Be on the look out for that announcement. I hope you will like it. For the time being, I am taking a break from social media. I of course am offering 1:1 sessions and proving Light Transmissions (distance healing energy for those that don't know). Referrals are always welcome.

I have a couple coupons coming out for Thanksgiving weekend. You can use them Friday through Monday this week. Use code THANKFUL. No, it doesn't work yet.

For those who show up in support, I AM grateful. It is your support that allows me to continue to do this work.

InLight, Theresa

Image credit: Josephine Wall