Angel Blessings!


Angel Blessings!

This week has been filled with inspiration and creativity. There is a lot of love in the air and I wanna tell you about it. 

Tuesday I was inspired to create an Angel Blessing for the Home. I love providing Angel Blessings and they reminded me this morning that people might like one for their home during the holidays. So, I created an offering for that here.

After I had added the first blessing to my website, more and more ideas came through. I managed to create 15 Angel Blessings with guidance from the Angels and Beings of Light within just a few hours! Sometimes their guidance just flows. I really think you will like them.

Please head over to my website to check them all out if you have not already. They're super affordable. All of my other offerings are still available as tabs in the top of the page menu.

You might have also noticed that my home page has changed. It now shows 15 Angel Blessings on the front page. I wanted something affordable and something anyone could use as soon as it's ordered. The blessings begin the moment your order goes through. Plus, the energy in the photos is amazing.

One of my favorite Blessings the Angels guided me to create is the one for support with Astrological Events and Planetary Energies. It helps clear any karma that might be related to situations and things that come up during these times. Mercury is headed into retrograde and there is a blessing for that. The shadow phase was felt greatly today while trying to create these.

Another blessing I like is the General Blessing for Birthday blessings and Anniversaries. You can use it for anything.

I think they are great in bundles and as gifts for loved ones. Perhaps print the order confirmation and offer a Blessing as stocking stuffer or two. If you note it in the order, they can be redeemed for future use too.

Please feel free to click reply and let me know which ones you like the idea of most. The email comes straight to myself and my team.

In Light, Theresa

PS It has been a blast riding around in my EV car at night all lit up, exchanging joy with others. I wrote about that in my last email. If you missed that, read more about that here.

Ascension Art credit: Brigitte Jost