A Major Energy Download

lake banff.jpg

Many of the human collective have been gathering physically and on higher planes (such as dream state and in meditation) to Banff, Canada where the Sacred Retreat of the First Ray of Light is on the etheric planes (meaning you cannot see it with regular eyes, on the 3rd eye.) It is located in the Canadian Rockies, Lake Louise to be specific. Some of you have visited there and know of it's blue waters. (You can learn more about the specifics of the Rays of Light in my Intro to the Rays of Light Course on my website.) This is the sacred retreat where the Beings of Light of the 1st Ray (cobalt blue) gather to provide sacred downloads, sacred light teachings, and guidance to Lightworkers. Lately it has been about areas we have been experiencing difficulties, lack of faith, and doubts. Archangel Michael and Faith personally met with many about these issues leading right up to the full moon.


I started to pick up on the collective meeting in this area a lot over the past month or so and knew something big was about to shift further. And it did.


As of the full moon this Saturday, there was a massive energy download that was a bit bigger than others I usually write about. I knew this full moon in Taurus was the beginning of things shifting into a new, fresh paradigm for many. (See previous post for what the moon covered.) The bodies of many had a physical reactions right up til now that included elation, inspiration, new ideas of all kinds and in all areas. Ones that will be successful. Some had vivid dreams and messages from loved ones passed over. Everything warranting your attention came up. About 14 hours after the official time of the full moon, things internally began moving out of the way on a physical level. My energy healers know and see what I am referring to in their sessions and this weekend it happened on a massive collective scale. PM me if you need more details on how this works. So, some of you physically felt headaches, pressure in the 3rd eye, pineal gland, and blocks or energy moving in the top of the head (crown area). Some felt it in the heart and 3rd chakra. These are all of the areas where there has been blocks are being opened up to bring in the higher frequencies. Emotions might have come up. Anything suppressed in terms of personal needs not being met. Things have started to move out for you to bring you into alignment energetically and physically with the new paradigm we have created on a higher dimension for ourselves. This means greater abundance, new relationships, new jobs, everything you could feel approaching this full moon brought in the new frequencies and Rays of Light to help move that along. This is what happens when you sign up for a healing session, the blocks move. If you would like to receive some energy to help support these shifts, click like or types YES below. I am really excited about this month's chain of events and what we have further put into motion. We're leaving the old timelines behind. How are you feeling?

InLight, Theresa