A Shadow Aspect of the Blue Ray Lesson of Power

This man does a great job describing what the true purpose of religion's creation is/was....and that is control by the few that sometimes get referred to as the illuminati (although it goes much higher than that.) Some call them the 1%. They're more like the 1% of the 1% and the rest are just their minions.

This post is not to offend anyone who has benefitted by religion or connection to Source. God/Goddess/Source energy of course exists. What do you think the Rays of Light are? It's Source energy. God existing isn't the point here.

Don't get mad though just yet, we all agreed to this plan that has taken thousands of years to play out. It was all to experience great advanced spiritual lessons. The shadow lessons are always advanced lessons.

The abuse of power and violation of the Universal Law of Free Will choice is associated with the First Ray of Light of Creation, the Blue Ray of Light. The Universal Law of Free Will Choice (a blue ray universal law) usurps every other Universal Law in this Universe to include Unconditional Love and Divine Will. It is an advanced lesson for sure. Religion is only one way this abuse of power plays out here on this planet.

Things are shifting on Earth/Gaia/Tara to rebalance the power as well. Whether you believe it or not, things are getting better and the abuse is ending. It may not look like it, but there is a Higher Perspective available to you.

These times of the abuse of power date back to the times when the Balalians who destroyed Mars and petitioned via the Creator Angels to come to Lemuria (Kauai firstly and other Hawaiian islands secondly). All knew what we were getting into when we invited them here. That is the spirit of Aloha, to welcome all (Aloha is the God-like attribute of the 6th Ray of Light). Now we are finished finally with these power lessons (experiences) and many Blue Ray souls are exiting the karmic cycles of reincarnation. Some refer to them as the indigo tribes, but really they are souls born into the first ray of light The Angels of the Light call them Blue Rays. This is also why you see the Rainbow babies being born. They are from the 12th Ray of Light and represent UNITY. The Rainbow Ray. This is the Ray I am from.

It is no coincidence that there is a fascination with going back to Mars. We're already there btw.

Think I am crazy? Check out the Akashic Records or ask another truth telling Creator Angel who remembers.

This is the wisdom I keep as a Creator Angel and Melchizedek of the Rays of Light. Angels and Light-work are not always light and fluffy.

This is a great video. I love getting to share some truth with you.

InLight, Theresa

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Source: @TheSkepticSun