Time to Speak Up for your Personal Needs

There's some strong energy entering the planet between now and Thursday. It directly affects our personal need to feel freed and empowered. Over these next three days it applies to relationships of all kinds. So if you are wanting to be free and are tired of feeling disempowered in any of your relationships, that is all about to shift for you and it will come to light. Your needs are important. It's time to speak up for them. This may include severing a relationship or two. This includes romantic ones.

If you are on the receiving end of someone speaking up for their need for freedom or their feeling disempowered, they may be emotional about it. It's been needing to be voiced for a long time. 
Some of you may have been feeling this approaching all year. Some all week. It's coming to a head now to shift. Give people space at this time. We all need some. Sending you Light. <3 Remember to call on the Beings of Light. They are here to assist you with the shifts.

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In Light, Theresa