As mentioned in the most recent Energy Update video published last week, there has been anticipation of things getting ready to shift in the human collective. The energy supporting change and action is here this week of August 25th. Inner desires are coming to the surface, and you can no longer ignore them. You aren't meant to ignore them. These higher timelines are entering your life now and that means letting go of the old that is part of a lower vibrational timeline. You are finished with these lessons and suffering. Check out my Particle Convergence video on YouTube if you want to know more about the new timelines in detail.

This time ushers in energy that highlights a new passion for goals. Finances tend to improve with this energy, and truth comes to light. take a deep breath. This is a good thing. When this truth comes to light, it will spark change. This is the catalyst week you have been waiting for. This is the transformative week you have been waiting for that will shift the anticipation. When issues come to the surface this week, know it is time to take action. Some of you may find yourselves speaking first and thinking later. These words are there to help you shift out of the areas where you have felt stuck to make room for the things you desire and the things you desire will move quickly into your sphere.

You might be surprised that you will not need much time to reflect on what you're leaving behind and relief will be present for all involved. There's nothing wrong if you do choose to take time to process, I mean to mention that you have been ready for things to shift for some time and the body/mind will move on quickly because there will not be much regret. I see action, doves, olive branches, free speech, and news moving in swiftly. Here is to a week of great action.

Remember your tools. Call on your angels, hire a healer for support, and also breathe. This is a great week for using the violet flame (yes, there is a course on that). Pick up my favorite Violet Flame Decrees here to help shift things for you.

This is a huge time of new beginnings that will continue into October. Try not to focus on what you are losing. It will best serve you to focus on what you are gaining.

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In Light, Theresa

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