Finish Your Task List (Or At Least Work On The Ones That Matter Most)

If you have something that needs to get done that you've been putting off, now is a great time to do so because in a short time we will all be in new relationships, new jobs, new homes, or stone sort of new beginnings that will be our fun new source of focus which will otherwise delay completing the things you're wanting to get done. There's ample energy right now to get these projects and tasks at least started if not completed. These new fun beginnings will take up your focus and as a result there will be a ton of joy within the collective. No complaints there, right? So while the daydreams are playing in your mind of the future and the joy it's bringing (big dreams coming true), focus on getting some tasks finished will ya?

In these current energies, you're either in the flow of letting things go, or you're rebelling the new. Your focus is your choice. The new is coming either way and you can shift focus at any time.

In Light,