All in the name of love?

I'm not a fan of these feminist labeled posts lately promoting violence against the masculine. This is the patriarchal regime of false use of masculine power. Please stop calling it feminism. You wanna change the game? Play it differently. Power isn't found by fighting violence with violence while wearing clothing with peace signs and love screen-printed on the front. (Let me be clear here, I LOVE this kinda of clothing...just please be aware of how posting photos of yourself throwing a punch while wearing it is highly oxymoronic.) There are more empowering ways to go about things. I get it. I feel the anger within the collective but it's not healthy to play things out with a victim mentality. We all agreed to these miscreations and learning about the abuse of power on both sides (feminine AND masculine) over 25k years ago. We're here to shift it and there's effective ways to go about it. Eventually the path will be more clear. Some of us can see the shifts that began with Jesus embodying the feminine and Mary Magdalene embodying the masculine 2k years ago. Those who incarnated then are back holding the vision until the mass collective consciously catches on in 2-5 years. Part of this is why you're seeing teachers like me talking about manifesting classes right now. Fate as you know it is over. It's all about conscious creation.

InLight, Theresa