The Goddesses Step Forward With Messages

I was gifted a deck this weekend and I am really enjoying connecting with it. Have you heard of The Goddess Oracle by Amy Sophia Marashinsky? The imagery and stories in the deck are amazing. I pulled a few cards for you and a story came to light. I like the way this deck tells the story. It is sweet and empowering.

Amaterasu speaks of you being enough and your self esteem is being built up because it is your time to shine. You've supported so many others in their shining. Now it is your turn. So anything or anyone in the way of your greatness is being moved out of your way. If someone belittles the greatness of you or another, they will be asked to leave your presence by Spirit. A recent friendship may have ceased because they aren't supportive of your success. They may have blamed you or projected upon you so that they would not be alone in their pain. They may be a woman with no friends. When they address their thoughts, this will change for them. But it is your time to shine. Only empowered friends and business contacts will be on your path forward now. Those that support your light and make it brighter. Let those who prefer competition, those that do not acknowledge you (especially if you have been acknowledging them) fall to the wayside. You are enough, she reminds you. It is your time because you recognize your own greatness and that is beginning to shift externally as well for you in your life.

Isis steps forward and brings mothering. A loving, motherly presence. Have you been mothering others or perhaps a project? Those who identify as being empathic and sensitive tend to be givers. A few of you may have felt in the past few days the heaviness of other's needs and woes especially if they are feeling the illusion of victimization and wanting you to solve it or be there with them. Isis is here to provide you with mothering that you crave. You are a great source of inspiration, motherly love, and compassion. I feel right now, it is a good idea to let yourself be mothered, to allow others to mother themselves or tend to their own wounds. Perhaps you are missing your mother or that motherly love and are aware of this already. It can be overwhelming for some who have many coming to them for that love. She mentions that some of you have items of clothing infused with love that would bring a motherly sensation when worn. If you have a blanket, that might do the trick too. They show me a cup of warm tea, a blanket, and alone time. (Infusing your clothing with the Ray of Unconditional Love is something Theresa offers. Feel free to reach out to Theresa about this.)

Lakshmi steps forward and speaks of abundance. She mentions there is nothing to worry about. She hears you and the thoughts you have about money. She says stop worrying. Everything is going to be fine. There is nothing in your way. (Jesus mentioned the same thing a few days ago.) She mentions that the Universe and everything in it is working right now in your favor. Believe this. Write it down on a piece of paper..."The Universe and Everything in it is working in my favor." Keep the positive thoughts flowing and brush away the negative ones, no matter how convincing they might be. That voice is not yours. Your future is bright like the sun. She shows the image of a bright sun shining warm rays of light upon you, warming your skin and your soul. This sun reminds Theresa of the violet flame decrees you can find on her website. Sometimes your only job when it comes to abundance is to keep positive.

I hope you've enjoyed the cards today. <3

InLight, Theresa