A Powerful 1:1 Manifestation Session Testimonial

Sometimes things work out even better than we imagine. <3

Here is a testimonial of a recent 1:1 Manifestation pow wow session, below. We were Manifesting in our 1:1 for a new place to live, a studio rental, and to move ASAP. We spoke of meeting new friends, what they would be like, and more...

"I found a place beyond my dreams within the budget! I wasn't even asking for a 2 bedroom but I came at a time they were holding a special where I could get the 2 bedrooms same price as most of the one bedrooms I was looking at not even as near as nice. I move next month!!! I've already met some wonderful people as we discussed just visiting this weekend to view and sign for my new place and they are open to me holding yoga, meditations, and other classes on the apartment community park next to the river as donation based!" - Caroline

I am so happy for you Caroline!