Storytime: Discernment & Allowance (Alignment, too)

Discernment is an important self-love skill being developed by many right now. It's important not to blame the other person, find fault, or be hard on yourself afterwards. You're learning and some experiences in life are not needed once you have completed lessons, for example exchanges with people that have relationships based on power versus ones based on connection, respect, and fair exchange. A simple way to be more discerning is to only say yes to things that are a 100% YES. If it feels off, don't say yes to it. That is not only discernment, it's self love. And's not about blaming the other person or finding fault with them (or yourself.) Neutrality and compassion are places of power.

Remember, you are not a victim. That is a powerless point of view. You are more powerful than you might realize.

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Lots of Love,