Peace Be With You

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My grandfather and many others in my family were episcopal priests. I am grateful to have grown up in a family that were accepting of angels, especially since I communed with them through my childhood. I think it’s part of why it was easier to continue speaking with them. One of my favorite moments within attending an Episcopal service has always been the moments after my grandfather would give the following benediction:

May The Lord Bless You And Keep You

May The Lord Make His Face Shine Upon You And Be Gracious To You

May The Lord Turn His Face Toward You And Give You Peace

And then we were invited to turn towards one another and we would say Peace Be With You. Sometimes we would say in return, And Also With You. It’s one of my favorite greetings and you could really feel peace enter the room. There are angels of peace named Gabriel & Hope of the 4th Ray of Light and Uriel & Aurora of the 6th Ray. Peace is often represented by the white dove.

May you experience peace each time you see doves and know that the Angels and Ascended Masters of the Peace Rays of Light are with you showering you with love and peace.

Peace Be With You.