Self Love Comes First

love and respect.png

I had taken quite a bit of time off this summer from my work and also from other people’s needs. Many didn’t even mind and that was great. It had also upset a few people. A few that it upset in my life have seen their own inner work around feeling rejected and how much they depended on me. Some turned to gratitude after realizing I wasn’t around for a few weeks. Now is also great energy for assessing how we interact in relationships as well with Venus going retrograde. Are we getting our needs met? Are things balanced? I was brought up to be a people pleaser (no boundaries) and when people didn’t get what they needed, they got upset. Usually those who get upset about a boundary, are those who were benefitting before you had one. This summer I have taken more time for what I need in life. That included a break from other people’s needs. I put my needs first and it feels good to do so. Honestly, you can’t be supportive of another without giving to yourself first. And something for me is knowing I prefer friends in my close circle who are self-reflective (not to be confused with self-blaming) and who know how to get their own needs met. Sometimes as a healer and intuitive, others who don’t know how to do that can lean on you a bit too much if you don’t have good boundaries and that can be tiring. Even writing this feels a bit vulnerable to be honest. But, we all are growing. Even your spiritual advisors, teachers, and healers are growing. We just tend to have the answers to your questions. So, if you’ve been wondering if it’s ok to take a break from people and have some alone time, the answer is YES. It’s even essential to do so. <3

Side note: The Pink Ray of Light (the 3rd Ray) is all about love and supports you always. One way to work with it more is to surround yourself with pink light in meditation. All is takes is a bit of envisioning and imagination. If you want a more tangible way to work with the Pink Ray and envelop yourself with love, try one of the Sprays of Light, namely the Love Spray.

Lots of Love, Theresa