The energies of the 12th Ray of Light and the 12:12 Gateway that occurs on 12 December every year, have began to flow onto the earth and into each of our auric fields.

This is the Rainbow Ray of Light, the Ray that represents Unity and combines all 12 Rays currently accessible by Mother Earth into one. This energy also represents Polarity and Change (the fun kind).

Unity is always the true reality, and sometimes we step away from that to experience separateness as part of our free will choice.

Many have seen the 12:12 gateway energy's influence over the past month and continuing into December as schedules shift a lot and we wake each morning, unsure of what changes the day will bring. Adaptability, flexibility, and allowance are the keys to flowing through changes. There is an Allowance Spray of Light created to help people with shifts and with change. CLICK HERE to have that spray sent to you.

Know this...You are always Divinely Guided. Those who are adaptable will find this gateway an adventure and those resisting will find it a struggle.

There is also great possibility for opposing forces to find peace and unity from past challenging times.

This energy supports you being in your center. The heart chakra is the bridge point and center of all chakras in the body.

Remember to drink water today. I hope you enjoy your day. I personally am enjoying writing this and also experience the polarity of not feeling the need to provide analysis of days like this because I just enjoy the day with ease and grace as is. Polarity at it's finest. We'll see how it goes with writing these energy updates.

If you'd like help with knowing what Spray of Light is best for you, feel free to DM my team.

Lots of Love, Theresa