My choice of ascension art and branding image (why its not my face)

So I break the rules. Ok just the ones that aren't universal ones. Usually when you brand yourself, you use an image of your face. I broke that rule...or at least I am for now. I instead use ascension art that benefits you and also integrated the Rays of Light I work with. That colored light that is Source energy.

Some people ask why I chose the art that I did for my work and it is an ascension piece of art which means it's healing and energetic in its application. The intention of this one is to connect you to the center of the earth. It is grounding you through the Rays of Light of Source energy of feminine energies of faith (light blue), love (light pink), peace (white), ascension (also white), joy and illumination (light yellow), and divine alchemy (light violet). On the outskirts of the image when not cropped, you see the cobalt blue which the Ray providing protection (in the masculine expression.) When you look into the center of the image, it is the same as looking down between your feet at the ground when standing and seeing your hara line, your soul connection to source and aligning with the earth. Grounding through the feminine. When you do this, it brings your manifestations into physical reality. This art is the creation of fellow Lightworker, Melchizedek, and Keylontic Science Wisdom and Codekeeper Sequoia Arayas.

aligning with earth.jpg