So Jesus has a sense of humor...

Yup it's true and He's been around a lot this week. Which is usually a sign for me. For those that don't know, I am a psychic channel for about 166 Beings of Light to include Jesus. We've speak like old pals. Might shock some of you that he's funny and we get cheeky. The things we talk about are serious enough, so he is helping me Lighten up (get it? - their humor)

The first time I saw him in adult life after many years of only verbal communication (my choice that they respected), I was like, "Oh Jesus you're short!" He laughed. I was not expecting to see him when he showed up. He was letting me know he heard what I was thinking about. People, you are never alone. I can assure you they hear you and are with you.

 and what things to offer people to assist them in life to help reduce suffering. These things when provided for large groups of people shifts the frequency on the planet.

Jesus is from the 2nd Ray of Light that is yellow, representing Christ Consciousness (no relation to the name - something we all can achieve), joy, illumination, clarity, and understanding. A great ray to help you with studies or clarity in life in general. He also helps me out with healing people in groups. ESPECIALLY this week. He also mentions things to create and what things to offer people to assist the collective to assist them in life to help reduce suffering. These things when large numbers respond and use to raise their frequency will then raise the frequency of the planet. Yes the are things I offer as a service to sell (because I do have rent to pay and there is such a thing as fair exchange.)

Today He was around again and I'm like, "You're around a lot lately. Good to see you, is something happening on the planet I should know about?" He gets cheeky and is like what day of the week is it? I'm like Tuesday and he looks at me. I blink. He shows me an image of an overweight individual, which means nothing to me. He says,"What day is tomorrow?" I say,"Valentine's!" He laughs. It's Ash Wednesday and it took me a minute to realize that he's not here to help with the group healing I am offering in Mike Dooley's FB group and it's not about Valentine's day, well not totally.

I reminded him I did not grow up Catholic so I didn't know what the religious importance was. Of course it takes me a second and Mary Magdalene walks in and she's like,"it's Fat Tuesday and tomorrow is Ash Wednesday." Part of why they are here is to kind of chuckle at the irony of Valentine's Day coupling up (their very ironic words) with a day in the church. Something about being good at church in the morning, then being scared of being seen by God as naughty at night and that guilt might be in the collective tomorrow night more than usual for those coupled. I say hey if they have someone to be with, they might just be the envy of those who wish they had someone. It's a figure of speech. I don't actually encourage envy. Don't worry, they are not judging you.

Valentine's can come with a lot of pressure. No sweat there though because this generation is making it more about love, especially self pampering kind of love. I think that is great and it is something that is becoming more popular in the collective in case you are interested. Any physical form of self pampering like baths, massages, bath products and spiritually aware body products like Herbivore and Living Libations. This self love on V-Day is really self empowering.

If you are struggling with the pressures of this day, missing someone, or want some love, know that the Beings of Light are with you. This post is infused with the Ryas of Light and the pink ray is blanketing you now with the Divine Love that you deserve in whatever way you wish to experience it motherly, romantic, or self love. Jesus and Mary Magdalene want you to know they are with you, reuniting the inner masculine and feminine within you, helping you to remember what unity and wholeness feel like.

And that heart stuff he's portrayed with? That's 3 fold flame related and we can touch base on that another day. They will be fluffing those up for you today too. Here's to healing.

PS. There's also a spray for that. Check that out here.