I am willing to negotiate but I don't do free


Rant time.

There are ethics in what I do. I also am very good at what I do. Some people who use healing as a hobby like to keep their gift wide open all day. That is their choice. Given the nature of my gifts, I enjoy having contrast of just enjoying being in my body. Buying toilet paper without tuning into every energy around me. This means that sometimes I enjoy being present in nature or very focused on the steps I am taking on a tough trail on the west side of the island without someone asking me for intuitive advice. This contrast of not using my gifts except during sacred ceremony is very important to me. I use protocol to open and close my gifts and make contact with Source and the Beings of Light on your behalf. It can take seconds to do but it also takes energy. It opens up multiple dimensions at once.

I love to talk about what I do and how I can help someone but it is also my profession. It is not a hobby. There are days that I offer free healing in a Facebook group when I see it could touch the masses. But please also understand that it is because I choose to offer that. Becoming my friend and EXPECTING me to offer my gifts to you for free or manipulating me into conversation so you can grab my Light, while I understand you have needs....so do I. I respect my gifts and I respect that I have bills to pay. Never do I ask my friends to use their gifts for free, whether it is accounting, a car rental, marketing, yoga, or whatever it is they are gifted at. They may offer when they see I need it, but they also know I respect the Law of Exchange.

It offends me that people assume that in the realm of intuition and healing work that you can demand it for free. Sure I have healed cancer in an hour. My favorite clients do not complain that it cost them $220 when the alternative is thousands of dollars to the medical industry plus the after effects of chemo and radiation. I can put you in touch with your life partner, but not for free. I can create miracles for you and teach you how to create them yourself. But not for free, folks.

My point is please do not ask me to do this work for free. If i offer it for free when I know you are suffering, that is something different. I have flexibility in my payment plans and pricing. But do not demand it. I don't do that to you with your profession. You can't walk into Macy's and demand free clothing. They'll laugh you out of the store.

Other healers may have different (or zero) boundaries with this, but this is Source energy I work with. This is life force energy that comes with Universal Laws. If you want to learn to hold this much Light, I can teach you. There is a term called a Light Thief. Don't be one.

To those who understand the Universal Law of Reciprocity, thank you.

(I do have a class on Universal Laws.)

InLight and Integrity, Theresa