When keys go missing


Want another fun story?

I have a spirit guide on my ascension team that is a playful type that does interesting and slightly nefarious things. He loves to make me laugh by putting dog food in my shoes. I don't have a dog anymore btw and he still does the dog food surprise from time to time. One other thing he does is hide the keys from someone who is about to do something I would find offensive or unkind. Today he hid them from my ohana neighbor. It comes as a warning right before they do something not nice so I know to not trust them as much and to keep stories to myself. The longer the keys are missing, the more offensive their actions might be. These people always let me know their keys are missing too.

If my keys go missing, I always think, ok who could I have been more kind to today or mindful of my actions impeding upon? Then if something comes to mind and I remedy it, my keys reappear.

Also, owls show up right before these situations when hidden character comes to light. There's been a few owl sightings today. Sure enough some things came to light. I appreciate the warnings. I really am grateful for kind people in my life and for spirit guides that have my back.

What kinds of signs do your spirit guides give you?