Kali Ma

kali ma.jpg

Kali is one of my most favorite faces of the Divine Feminine that I work with. I love her and all of her chaos and destruction. I wish she was as widely accepted for these qualities as the beloved ascended master and Queen of the Angels Mother Mary is for her calmness and peace. Their power is different and one is how women are told to behave, what are acceptable qualities. When you travel to the center of Source, it is chaotic and destructive. It is not this place of calm and peace. Chaos is where this peace is born out of. <3 When Kali shows up, I know something new is being born. She's from the Blue Ray of Light, same energy as Archangels Michael and Faith and ascended master El Morya. Her Divine Counterpart is Shiva. When she shows up, fears are being faced and it is your time to soar. She sometimes shows up unexpectedly and uninvited by those who do not respect her emotions and power of creation. Personally, she's one of my favorites. When we see a card deck dedicated to just her, we will know that all of the faces of the Divine Feminine are welcomed. She's a badass.