If you are hanging out with someone of a higher vibe and want to vibe like them, you do not do so by stealing their light. You don't show up to dinner weekly for a hit of Light. Some may try because they don't know better. What works is you ask them questions like how they rose their frequency. (Angel irony with the word rose here - it raises the heart frequency.) You take personal responsibility for your Light quotient. The amount of Light you can hold is up to you. Showing to be around someone so you can feel better might work for a few hours (leaving the other person completely drained), but your frequency will lower again and the Light Tribe are not drug dealers of the Light. We teach you how to do the work so you can feel better. Don't get mad when we won't let you Light Thief away. Some do it by watching videos and say oh man I feel better when I watch you. True. Now take responsibility and learn to raise yours. I'll happily teach you. Otherwise the exchange gets heavy really quickly because there isn't an equal exchange. Another reason why someone who has figured it out and who has a higher vibe, doesn't work below a certain amount. It weeds out the Light Thieves who most of the time have no idea they are doing it. Spirit says, now do you understand why you do not lower your rates below a certain amount? Those who show up, will pay an equal exchange and most intuitives are guided to use a certain number. It's an interesting lesson having a certain dollar amount weeding out unfair exchanges of Light. That all being said, teaching others to do what I do is my absolute favorite thing to do.