A note about FIXING vs. compassion


Fixing vs Compassion. One is the head. One is the heart.

Do you guys check in to see what someone needs before offering what you think they need? Advice is included. Part of emotional authenticity is expressing one's self without needing to be fixed or having someone fix it for you. You offering advice without someone asking is violation of free will choice and is your personal judgement that they need fixing. Lesson for you there!

Americans do this the most especially if someone gives you an honest answer after being asked how they are doing. Why I usually do not share personal parts of my life and why others keep it personal as well is because of this violation.

Healers, intuitives, etc...learn to hold compassionate space.

STOP TRYING TO FIX IT. This goes for trying to fix you and for trying to fix others. Accept the emotion that is brings up for you. Offer compassion and ask how you can support someone. They might NOT need it.

This is why my work is different. My boundaries and my focus are different. I heal like the angels do and they never try to fix you. Compassion comes first then they offer options for support (but only if you want it.)