when manifesting something new requires change

energy shifts.jpg

If you hope manifest something different in your life, you have to be willing to make a change and be ready for it to shift. You can't sit and hope for things to change and when something better comes along complain that your life is changing. This is the action part they talk about in manifestation. Of course there is change and often discomfort even when something great comes along. This doesn't mean that the shift won't be uncomfortable whether its something great entering or not. It means you're willing to make the effort to see things shift and to stretch the comfort zone a bit. It's all about how you handle the fear.

Manifestation will change your life. Expect shifts. Shifts in energy creates shifts in your reality. This is why healing sessions are effective. They shift the inner reality of your world on an energetic level. It is only natural for your external world to reflect that too. If you feel stuck in a loop, come work with me. I have this thing called a karmic clearing session. But, come prepared for things to change.