13 Is My Lucky Number

13 is my Lucky Number.

It's true. I was born on October 13th and so was my brother 9 years later. Sometimes it lands on a Friday. There's a lot of history behind this date and I want to share some of it with you.

13 was originally associated with the Divine Feminine and it still is for many who remember. The Knights Templar were a group that were designated Keepers of the Light. They were fierce warriors of truth and had many false descriptions as well throughout history. They are sometimes lesser known for being keepers of secrets and knowledge of the Divine Feminine during the fall of the Divine Feminine. It was on October the 13th (a Friday) in 1307 that this group was round up and put to death.

Some think that every Friday the 13th is unlucky. It is truly October the 13th and only when it lands on a Friday that is is considered unfavorable, so every 7 years or so. People born on that day, are people tied to the Knights Templar, defenders of truth, fierce warriors, and Keepers of the Light and Wisdom of the Divine Feminine. Pretty accurate description of people I know who are born on this day.

Interesting stuff if you ask me, and every Friday the 13th is a day that I choose to celebrate the power of the Divine Feminine. <3