This Week's Energy...Something New Begins

A week or two ago some of you ended an era so to speak in your important period in your life and now the new is here. This week some information comes to light around that and perhaps an area too where it wasn't expected, but certainly welcomed. This was communication or information that could not come through while Mercury was retrograde, which ends today.

This is a week of action around doing this something new chapter. No more dreaming and thinking about it. All of the ideas of the things you've thought about doing are more tangible this week. Some of these ideas and planning have been swirling around for a long time. Have something you wanna launch? Now's a good time. For a few, some pleasant surprises manifest. These are fun things we are getting into and we get to stretch the comfort zone some with the new endeavors. If you've done the same thing for a number of years, trying something new like having no schedule might seem scary, yet also really liberating and exciting. Spirit shows a popping of cork which has two meanings. This represents a celebration of forward movement, a new lunar cycle is here, the new timelines are here, and also your life's about to take off like the momentum of a popped cork.

If you're scared, it's ok. Turn the fear into excitement.

A new moon is here confirming that we've created something new. This week's energy is a different kind of energy. No more talking about it. Its time for action and you'll know when to take it. For some of you this is doing something that will inspire others in the future to try something similar. Break that new ground.

We had the Spiritual Cleansing healing session today online to help clear out the old so the new can begin. If you'd like access to the recording for purchase, click the contact button and we'll work something out. It's available for a few days.

All of this time results of the Harmonic Convergence celestial event I spoke about last year.  You can watch that video here.

Here's to a week of celebratory events, doing something new, and remember...if it's out of your comfort zone, you are GROWING. If there is some way I can support you, let me know. 

Lots of Love to you! -Theresa