This week's shift in energy


This week: A moment to breathe after last weeks intensity. The collective gets to take a deep breath. Thank goodness, because last week was a lot to take in. A lot of shifts, some we felt hurled into or out of. Some we saw coming. Some we didn't. This week is like the void, the space in between the in-breath and out-breath as we move forward with new plans.

This week's calmness also provides downtime to process what happened last week. Thank goodness the aggression has begun to soften a bit.

Like i talked about in my Energy UPdate for April, its been pretty intense energy through the 7th of April. People might have had some stronger than normal reactions to things. For some, this was an internal storm of sorts. More learning how to maintain our frequency through rough waters. Archangel Metatron reminds us of the lighthouse in the storm.

Also coming up...what are you focusing on? There is a lot of power here and I mention this because there is opportunity for a mystical, dreamy, spiritual connection this week.

I felt for some time that this week that there is an opportunity for some of you the potential for meeting others and making a new love contact. The one you've looked for. Not the one that escaped, but the one you thought you might never get the chance to meet. The one that ticks all the dang boxes. Your experience with these energies will of course be unique to you.

Keep your feet planted on the ground when appropriate. Next week theres some new information coming to Light, and until then...heres to some smooth sailing this week. Have a great week. The Angels of peace and transformation are with you.

Lots of Love, Theresa