Kauai and the I AM Presence


This image was taken a year ago today by a friend of mine here on Kauai who emailed me letting me know they had a space for rent. This was about 20 minutes after the island let me know I was moving here. I said to the Universe and the island...Oh ya? Show me. Then, the process began of rapidly shifting of all foundations to get me here. All of the orbs? Those are angels. Rarely do I see photos with so many in them. Ironically, this is what the I AM Presence looks like when you look up at it. The center of the sun connects your hara line from Source to the center of the earth. Pretty profound. I mean look at all of those angels and rainbow rays of light! Thanks for letting me share this with you. Maybe sometime I'll share the rest of the story of what that period of alignment looked like for me. I'll tell you this...when this island wants you here, she draws you in. Sometimes like a sweet scent on a cool breeze and other times more like a full on vacuum.

InLight, Theresa