This Week's Energy: Collective Tension Vocalized

For some this is the week the table turns.

Some of you can feel the inner tension of the collective already. It's a time when some truth get spoken on behalf of a group and not in a peaceful way for some. It will be most likely met with anger by those receiving said truth. Watch for an uprising this week, especially mid week. It could affect any area of your life, but especially for group consciousness and could include disputes about money. If something has needed to be said, in order to create change...this is a good week for it. It also is a reminder this week to not let things bottle up. If it needs to be said, do so.

To ease up on the energies, be sure to sign up for the weekly healing sessions held online. Otherwise, lay low. Breathe. And remember these energies too shall pass. Sometimes old structures need to crumble in order to build something new.

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InLight, Theresa