You Can Lead A Horse To Water...

You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make them drink. It's important to know when to move on, when to let a person be. (This includes horses.)

Some enjoy suffering and it brings them joy. It's not uncomfortable enough for them to change. We all know that internal pressure cooker. They have an internal guidance system too (I know, hard for some to believe), and sometimes you can't be with a person as they drink a poison of their own making. Some are more comfortable in their old ways of being than personal growth. 

Spiritual work is not for the faint of heart. It requires bravery and discipline. Something the wise women of my family often told me since I was a child was honey, you don't need a man. You will have a Champion. I finally understand what the wise old women were trying to say. Dating a psychic, a Healer, a Truthteller, a Woman of the Light, a Divine Counterpart is no small feat. Especially when you work with the Light for a living.

No matter how much you embody the Light, shining the way to a new way of life, others have to want to take the first step. When you walk away, be sure to cut the cords. It sends a sign...No Light Thieves Allowed. When you ask for a woman like me to arrive, know what you are asking for and if she shows up, it's because you were ready. It's ok to be scared, but not to run.

No matter how many times the Beings of Light try to bring you together, no matter how many men this Consciousness walks into, they still have free will choice.

I will always choose the Light. This life of service. Over and over...I choose the Light and dedication to Source. Even if I have to do it some lifetimes alone. There will eventually be one where He shows up, as the Champion and choosing to use his heart and mind in tandem rather than hiding in the shadow of fear.

And some of you continue to suffer by waiting around on them. Don't.

InLight, Theresa