Why I love this Full Moon

The influence of the moon (full or new) tends to be felt (for some) 3 days prior and 3 days after the event. It's like those that can feel the effects of a planet going retrograde, before it actually has (which has a name btw.)

I love that every area that we are over doing or expending energy in ways we do not enjoy...is coming up for review. These are the things we need to shift so we can experience more love. There's energy present that removes the illusions so we can check those areas out and see where we can refocus our attention of things that are deserving and more positive. Admittedly, I had given my attention to people, thoughts, and energy that did not serve me well. That has shifted in a big way.

Being of service brings me great joy. I also enjoy finding fun things with others to do outside of work with people who don't ask me spiritual questions during fun times (it's all about balance.)

A few months ago I remembered a connection between the energy field (especially the heart chakra), and abundance. When there were some harsh people or those too far out of frequency resonance with my own energy, I felt pain. I sometimes had to sit with clients for 10 minutes calming their energy or raising their frequency just to be with them for the hour. It took a long time to clear my fields sometimes of those who felt powerless. I understand that life lesson, I just am not built to assist those who need help in that area. People like my sister on the other hand definitely is and bless people like her who love doing it. So when I had shut some of my own energy field down to stop energy leakage from working with the heavy, I suffered. I saw all kinds of healers to realize I was never meant to stay working with the heavier and powerless. I was meant for the empowered. Until I realized that, I went through some tough times to say the least and it affected my abundance because my heart chakra and energy fields were affected by those who were not aware of their own power or how to stop pulling on the light of others...consciously or unconsciously. I knew something had to change so I could feel more open again to energy exchanges and doing my life's passion. I learned it's ok to be open only with those you want to be. That no one has the right to your Light. Three words were shared by the Beings of Light that really helped...I AM GOD. I AM SOVEREIGN. I AM FREE. (Life changing affirmations, right there.

The idea finally came to me that I wanted to shift my focus in my work some and in a way that was right in front of my face lol. Like I said, I LOVE being of service, but fell out of love kinda with the who and how parts. Some of it brought pain to my body and I did not like that. Frequency splits between you and others can do that sometimes. It is important to spend time with people of a vibration that is close to yours. For me, it's Angelic gentle hearted kinds. With my work I kinda had that feeling when things kinda fizzled out and ya know that feeling of wanting to reignite the love? Well, I am working out the details so I get to go do things that help bring more Light to the world. I'm figuring out better energy management and much like how one manages leaks in their auric fields, managing what I give to others for free came up for review first. I give a lot to those I love. I like doing that. Sometimes though I have given to those who didn't have my best interests at heart, who couldn't give back, and now I screen more to see what is a good fit for both of us so we all get our needs met. Also so that my energy is spent on the right people so I am not drained. This includes reviewing my love relationships, clientele I work with, and relationship to my work balanced with fun and self care time. Even my friends closest to me know they have to pay for services.

I've also looked at how a shift in focus will bring in more love for myself and my clients without having to DO so much. This goes for both parties. Less free things. I had hoped the things I offered for free or close to that would result in more sales and more relationship building. A friend I spoke with last week gave 50 freebie offers away last year. So, we both are looking at the over doing. Less doing. More being. While these things have helped people, it also created dependency sometimes. A leak of energy and my personal resources. This is my work. I do have bills to pay. Balancing that while helping others is tricky sometimes. You want a fast track to personal growth? Own a business. By yourself. In a field not known for mentorship. Owning a business sometimes has the feeling of when you are between jobs, or searching for a new one. It takes trust. There's a great deal to be had in freedom, too.

So, this process of looking at reinventing is FUN. I enjoy this part of rebuilding something that is needed in the world, by me and you. Repackaging (I'm excited!) A new form of support for healers, intuitives, and the professionals of the healing arts. Still offering tools, but shifting out of giving Monday individual card draws with no sales made in the end. More working in equal exchange with people who are gentle hearted and fun loving that are also healers, intuitives, and spiritual mentors.

A week ago, I wrote a list of things I wanted to feel in my personal life and work life, my ideal work, qualities of my ideal client and it feels GOOD to feel that coming in already. I write these things out every now and again on paper charged with the full moon's Light (there's a video on that here) and I place them in a window that receives full sun. I know what I wrote has started to manifest when the ink starts to disappear because the sun's rays have lifted the words off of the paper.

You could try this fun routine. Where would you like to do less and embody more? What fun things would you like to experience? It was funny because i caught myself frustrated and leaving negative feedback for other readers or other Instagram accounts that posted limiting beliefs as universal truths. Then Spirit started laughing and said look, you're an expert...help them streamline and advance their businesses. Reach out via their DMs. They don't always know they need your help, or that it is available. Let them know you exist.

You'll see some shifts over the coming days, weeks and months, as I maneuver through the upgrades. The tools I offer will still be there for those professionals who resonate with the path of the Angels and Ascended Masters,

It was a huge catalyst moment when I shifted from individual card reads on Instagram earlier this week. I had mentioned it a week prior in that week's card draw post and no one mentioned it, so I thought people either were ok with it or didn't have much to say about it. Monday, there were those of gratitude and those who got really rude about it. I referred them to the gratitude vs expectation video I had made earlier in June (a huge them for lat month continuing into July a bit). The actions of the ungrateful ones and the kind words of the grateful ones both helped me to identify how much I want more around me who practice gratitude and less who are living in expectation. More praise, less rude. Having rude people on my account or in my personal life has left me irritable and sometimes more rude. I don't like that. I recently looked back on old videos from a couple years ago and missed my kind, gentle self. My tone had gotten sharper since work with a certain tribe and what worried me more was people LIKED that harsh delivery sometimes. I never did. Even Saint Germaine had mentioned that I could work with those who were ready for the messages and didn't resist it. Now is that time to shift. I gotta more than ever work with the higher vibe types. A few of clients already are and I am grateful for them. My own well being depends on this change.

I really prefer a positive state of mind and deserve to have more gentle souls and kind hearts around me. It helps me to be a better me, so I can feel lighter in the world again. Here's to those that look for opportunities in times of transition, who describe energy transits as empowering so they can gather with me to dig deep into how to make the best of it.The energy is literally there to help and I love those that can see that. Still figuring out how the energy updates and all the details fit in to all this, but I am doing what brings me joy and I really like sharing the energy updates. I might make the subsequent follow up updates a paid service. It feels right to receive an exchange for that.

Here's to more meditations with the Rays of Light and being around those who embody that frequency! I'm walking into the unknown a bit, facing some fear and not worrying so much about if I am  navigating this transition "right." Taking it day by day and connecting more with others who know how to be gentle with themselves. This clearing of harsh talk is ancestral. It's not my voice. But, once this gentleness re-enters, this is healed for the entire ancestral line of my family. 

The moon will bring you through cycles in life, much like things like relationships and I am watching that play out in how my energy ebbs, flows, and how I use it. My work is shifting with the moon. Here's to happier times and bringing more joy to the world! I missed getting to do this work with a gentle heart. No more abrasive energy or trying to fit into a mold or heal myself so I could handle harshness. That was NOT me. I'm born for powerful gentleness. That my friends, is strength.

Thank you to all who have been touched by my work. It is great being able to live out my passion and I do know that by being true to me, some of this will bring about huge shifts in terms of followings and that is ok.

One more thing...my website domain will officially be www.theresamonro.com very soon and dropping the www.wingsoflighthealingarts.com domain name. And THAT feels really good. Like a phoenix being reborn from the ashes.

If you feel drawn, I welcome you to check out some of the new wording on my work with me page. If you're a healing arts professional looking for support, get in touch.

Lots of Love to you and wishing you a wonderful full moon!