It's Time To Call Upon The Elementals


I've just heard about the terrible fires in Greece. When I was there some years ago, similar fires broke out but nothing so awful as what we're seeing now.

The crystalline core of the earth is activating ...and we are seeing this expired in nature. Also,  the elementals react to the human collective in an area through natural disasters such as volcanic activity, flooding, fires and earthquakes. Our thoughts make an impact upon the earth. Much of that is what I clear out during space clearings I'm hired for. 

There is a lot of action in the elemental kingdom that governs fire right now in Greece and volcanic activity on the big island of Hawaii. This is displayed through the wildfires you might be aware of near Athens.

The elementals are highly responsive to human intention. This means you can help.


Please feel free to envision the following as I am doing. It is all based on intention. No special psychic powers needed. Your intention and imagination are power enough.

* Talk to the water elementals (called Undines). Ask them to assist with the fires.

* Become one with the water element. Visualize the clouds gathering to provide rain for the fires.

* Merge with the element of fire (called Salamanders.) Lend them your inner peace. See them responding in great calm. See the fires calming down.

* Breathe with the element of air (called Sylphs.) See and feel the winds shifting the smoke out of the area, but no longer fueling the fires. Ask them to assist in ushering in the rain clouds

* Give your prayers up for the people already affected.

* Ask that all people, homes and disaster relief responders are safe. Give support to all volunteers and agencies assisting.

If you know how to use the light body to shield a home, yourself, or a physical space from fire, please use it.

InLight, Theresa

Art credit: "The Elementals" by Josephine Wall