Happy Eclipse Season to you!

Tomorrow, on the 27th, is a very important eclipse bringing in so much Light that is can be intense for some. Can you sense the changes? Or is this one more calm for you? Lots of new higher and lighter timelines are up for grabs right now. There is movement of old and outdated templates from your life. Patterns of things like codependency and taking (narcissism) are non-existent on the higher dimensions. With Ascension, we can't take those patterns with us. They only exist here, and not for long. Many are really excited to let those things go anyway. If you aren't sure how to let those things go, the weekly Attunements help shift them for you quickly. 

If you want some individual attention for the eclipse energies and to release some of the old...check out the link at the end of this email.

Which brings me to another subject...assisting you with soul growth, specifically at an expansive rate through the Attunements. I love helping you with this so much. I've considered it being my only offer because it works the fastest in creating breakthroughs. It certainly is the most effective. It's way faster than offering intuitive guidance and it really feels good. It often is really soothing and allows you to personally interact with the Beings of Light on a personal level. It always offers you exactly what you need at that time.

This Sunday is the first Ray of Light Attunement. THE BLUE RAY. You know those 12 Rays I am always talking about? This Sunday, we are gathering to initiate you and attune you to the Ray and frequency of Personal Power, Divine Masculine (we all have it within us to some degree), Divine Will (the right use of will power), and Father God. It is one of the founder Rays of Light and an essential part of your 3-fold-flame of your heart. We learn what angels are assigned to the Blue Ray, and what ascended masters to call on for assistance in this area. We also show you how to use this Ray of Light in meditation for self healing. You couldn't get more back for your buck here. If scheduling is a problem, get in touch. Don't let that stop you.

There's a lot of misinformation on the Rays out there. Sign up to learn the truth from one of the Original Bringers of the Rays of Light. Archangel Michael revealed to me yesterday someone attempting to sell misinformation about the Rays and offering a False Blue Ray attunement alone for $4700. It's wild what people do to infiltrate the Light, while looking like an Ambassador of the Light. It's not all Love and Light anymore, folks. The shadow is alive and active. Follow your own discernment.

What to learn the truth?


AND! For those who purchase 30 Days of Light, 4 Attunement With The Masters Sessions are included. That's a savings of over $300 when purchased separately!

ONE LAST THING! Many of you have mentioned interest in shorter 1:1 sessions and I heard you. Big growth happens with packages, but we understand some of you need just a 15 minute pick me up of Light or quick question. There's an option for that now. Check out the link to the single 1:1 sessions here. I've made time in my schedule for you starting today. But those slots are filling up quickly.

InLight, Theresa

PS If you find it helpful, you can learn more about the Ray of Light Attunement sessions in a video here.