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No the title is not by accident. Some are asking why I have not posted about the moons and eclipses much lately.  Part of the reason for that is that I am tired from the things I have been through since 2015. To be frank about it. I enjoy some privacy about my inner life that others seem to demand from a healer and are not ready for because their insight is blurred. I'm enjoying processing these moons and shifts more internally these days. Another reason, is that I am taking a look at what I enjoy doing in my work as well as the give and take within my work. Spirit has been giving really clear guidance on the shifts I need to take in terms of giving too much away for free (many get caught in that loop here and on youtube), even if it's for promotional purposes. There's this expectation to give it away for free that bothers me in this field. The return just isn't feasible for me right now and I am looking at why. One of the biggest reasons I am not posting about the eclipses besides personal ones is that there is so much fear around eclipses and astrological transits. Aren't we done with that as a human race? This eclipse I've just felt out without downloading a bunch of information to offer others about what is happening. I just surrender and release. I don't feel the need nor can I relate to others around me who need to label everything. That's been the case since the end of 2016 and for sure the beginning of 2017. People get so attached to labels, all out of fear. Acceptance is the absence of fear and is so liberating. I resonate much more with that these days and those who do not need labels. What that means is naturally the people around me to include those who resonate with my work, will shift with me or they will shift out as new ones shift in. Letting go of Light thieves and nurturing those who are who you want around. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but there are some whose frequency bring pain to one's body. I recommend ways and some just will have to realize that they have to do the work. I personally shift rapidly and I am working more and more with those I resonate with. Another subject is taking a look at where I place my energy. Social media has and is shifting for me. I don't have all the answers. I sometimes have a hard time with people chasing numbers to be seen as successful. I made $75k in my first month with less than a 2k following. It's not about the numbers. So when I see half of my new subscribers being people who just want attention and followers, I wonder where the effort is going. I really am turned off by fear based takers right now. Here's a secret, the most successful people I know do not live in that mindset. How they handle fear is different. They don't wait for it to clear, they feel it and do it anyway. One can turn fear into excitement. I've done it so often that it feels good to do new things. Fear in turns of safety is another topic altogether, though. So, I know I am gifted and I know this is a time of change. I have some things that I am working on and the types of people I want to be around. For most of my life it's oh Theresa is great, she can solve all my problems. It feels great to be around her. And when that is the majority of people around you, it gets draining. This lifetime, it is not our job to do it for you. It is your job to learn to heal yourself. That is my favorite thing to provide...tools and attunements for the purpose of helping those raise their frequency that are worthy of working with the Masters and dedicated to a better life. If you show up all sad and slumpy, this work is not for you. They are looking for empowered people with a pure heart with the money to invest in themselves. Too much of a frequency split between people is draining and there is a recalibration happening of how I use my gifts and how much fun I am having. Suffering for someone else's benefit? I'm over it. Being woken up at 2am because someone is triggered by a truth I shared? Not into it. I also realize I need more personal support, especially with a romantic partner and giving friends. Everyone does better in life with support and love. Want proof? Try talking to plants. They thrive on love and affection. So do you. And it's ok to need it from a place other than self affirmations, although it's the start. I enjoy the attunements and consider not giving as many intuitive readings. The attunements shift everything. I don't need the story to help you have a breakthrough. Talking takes soooo much longer and low vibe. I like to feed the heart, not the fear based need to know. Clarity is another thing altogether. I'm wrestling with how much to share here because these things shift on a dime and I am excited that my life shifts so quickly. I don't want to offend others but also wanna share how I feel. Those with speaker contracts like my own...if we don't have an outlet to speak tend to feel shut down creatively. I also want to mention about sharing that I have seen from personal experience that not everyone interprets what is happening in another's life accurately. Americans LOVE to give unsolicited advice and are sometimes unforgiving in their cutting words. That fires me up, too. Choose compassion first. Listen without thinking about what you are going to say to fix it. They don't need fixing. Jesus often mentions in personal conversations how compassion comes first. Speak truth with love. The Hawaiians are amazing at how they offer compassion and aloha in turbulent situations and it shifts the angry one. Same happens with spiritual clearing, but that is another topic too. It's my time to up my receiving game and in ways I like receiving. This includes romantic relationships as well as personal ones and ones with clients. No more settling. I am coming into love and partnership at a time that is later than I expected. Ready for a masculine partner who can give and doesn't show up to take. And so life continues with cycles and new beginnings. Gratitude for all that I have seen and done and excited for another cycle that is beginning. So, happy eclipse day to you and if you feel drawn to an attunement, they are there for you. An energy update is coming and no, those are not free anymore. Let's let go of that expectation, shall we? What are you offering others that is of value and brings you joy? We need more of that as well. It's a time when it can no longer be ignored. Here's to more fun. 

Lots is shifting. Thank God. Those new timelines are here. This is the time we have been waiting for. 

InLight, Theresa

Photo credit: @earthywindings