Most Powerful Light Tools

sprays of light.jpg

Last night, the Beings of Light woke me up with a message for you. I am sure some of you are aware that the biggest energy event of the year is upon us. Metatron has spoken about it all year. I had no idea how active the dark would be right now and I asked the BEings of Light before going to sleep...what can I offer people right now to best support them so they can best stay in alignment with the Light?

They showed me the Sprays of Light. Some of you might not know this but Master Emoto is one of my guides and he helps me create the sprays. There's a few of us he works with and he gets to continue his work with programming water and also including the Rays of Light, which he was just starting to introduce to his studies before his path ended on the earthly plane. These sprays are Liquid Light. Programmed water. Like holy water but more specific and infused with the Rays of Light and crystalline essences.

They are one of the most powerful Light tools you can own. Many healers use them in their sessions.

If you feel drawn to cleanse your auric field, feel protected, or want to feel loved, there are options for all of those to include scented options now. If you want help choosing a bottle, please be in touch. Usually, I can get your order sent to you the same day.

You can get your own Sprays of Light HERE. The most powerful one I own is the one I use most called Cleanse & Shield.

If you want to see a video on what the Sprays of Light are all about, check out that video here.

Something you can do for free, is keep your thoughts positive. If that is hard to do, I understand. These sprays help with that. If you want more joy, try The Dolphins, Whales, and Mermaids Spray, infused with the 8th Ray of Light. It's infused with fun.

I hope this message is helpful for you and maybe it gives you a few ideas.

InLight, Theresa