The Gratitude Attunement

angel of abundance brigitte jost.jpg

The Gratitude Attunement is this Sunday. Did you know there is a Ray of Light that is all about gratitude? Archea Grazia (whose name means Grace of Gratitude) and her counterpart Archangel Nathaniel will be assisting you with the Golden and White 10th Ray of Light and attuning you to this frequency. 

How does that benefit you?

The Beings of Light will provide you with frequency upgrades matching the Grace of Gratitude. When this happens, you manifest things very quickly into your physical reality. Many have heard this before about the importance of gratitude, but did you know there is a Ray of Light that is all about gratitude and appreciation?

This is one of the Rays of Light we have only officially had access to on the planet since 2014! Come experience this Ray of Light for yourself, and Source's gratitude for your presence as well this Sunday. Sign up for Attunements With The Masters HERE.

Here's to gratitude, grace, and manifesting breakthroughs! As I am typing this, I have manifested a much desired trip to Oahu that I just requested yesterday. I'll tell this story on the call, Sunday!