Offer Good For The Next 24 Hours

Hi There,

This week I was wanting to get off island for a bit (island fever is real). I just thought for a minute about how nice it would be to go play with another island's energy and within an hour, I was offered a free trip to Oahu, the next island over. Of course I said yes. As we took off to return home from Oahu, I thought how nice it would be to visit Oahu again. Sure enough, the island brought us back within minutes, we were in sight of Kauai and the plane had to return to Oahu for something.

A few months ago a neighbor shared a story about someone she hadn't heard form in a while. I said you'll hear from them before the end of the day tomorrow. Sure enough, they showed up on her doorstep. 

Here's a little secret...when people tell me things, it manifests for them. No matter what the story is. So, it's a huge reason why I stop people from sharing their sad stories with me. I don't want them to manifest more of that.

Almost always within hours your stories will manifest and sometimes immediately.

Why am I telling you this?

For the next 24 HOURS you can purchase a 1:1 session with me for Manifestation and you can ask for anything you want. If you have a list of things you want...bring it with you to the session and we will bring those things to light. Then, I want you to forget about it. Until they show up, that's when you email me to let me know how excited you are.

Result vary with each individual.

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