What Is the Lion's Gate

lions gate - artistunknown.png

Anyone feel like their newsfeed is filled with eclipse season, lion's gate, and retrograde fear lately? I want to address these things. There are many tools to describe what is happening and as a professional, you can use them for fear or you can use them to empower. Given that the old fear paradigm is on it's way out, I prefer to empower with knowledge and Sacred Wisdom.

Each portal like the Lion's Gate on 8/8 is a special and unique. It's purpose is to make it easier to receive downloads, upgrades, and divine knowledge from higher realms of consciousness. What does that mean? You receive a gift of Light and enLightenment from the Universe that translates to heart healings, heart openings, chakra activations (especially the heart and solar plexus), aha moments, and epiphanies. We all like breakthroughs right? It's good stuff. Things that feel good. It's even easier if you are in a place of allowing (there's a Spray of Light for that, btw.)

Really, these events are all about perspective anyway. Some feel fear around the retrogrades. Honestly, with retrogrades, it's just a time to revisit soul lessons. Which is part of why we are here, anyway. If you did something and you wish you did it better, retrogrades are a time to re-do it. Make it right now rather than in another lifetime. Or a chance to say no to closed doors. Think of it like a mini lifetime review. Sometimes it also is a chance to slow down. Astrology helps with the timing of these things if you want to know beforehand about the schedule of energy on the planet. This is also why I provide energy updates so you can make the best use of this energy. 

So what is the Lion's Gate anyway? What are these special dates like 8/8, 11/11 and 12/12? The Universe is made of sacred mathematics. Archangel Metatron is the leading angel over this Sacred Wisdom used to create Universes and more. It's what created you and me. You might have heard of sacred geometry? It's all related. Anyway, these dates are portals of energy. What that means is that they are dates when our sun aligns with a star (both are portals for Light travel) and when our sun opposes our planet, it physically opens a window for specific types of higher dimensional Light to shower the planet. These higher dimensional energies help raise the frequency of the inhabitants of Gaia so she too can ascend. 

So, the Lion's gate is on 8/8. That's today as I write this. Each gateway corresponds to a physical place on the planet as well. Sometimes you see wars in a certain area and this is often for control over a portal or gateway of Light. Remember Iran and Iraq? This is where the Lion's Gate portal is located, meaning where the Light enters the earth from Sirius and our Sun. No coincidence there. Still nothing to be afraid of either. They can't stop the Light from coming. They do sometimes try to control it's use. Still no win there. The Light always reaches us anyway for our own personal growth and it's uplifting.

Like mentioned before with the Lion's Gate, our planet aligns with Sirius in this case, a star system you might have heard of. Of course it aligns with Leo season, hence the name Lion's Gate. The lion is associated with Leo. This is the time that the Nile river flowed with an abundance of water. There's all kinds of analogies to be made here like remembering to go with the flow and it is a time for abundance activations to come your way (which is part of the Attunements With The Masters session schedule.) The Lion's Gate is also associated with the 9th Ray of Light, which is magenta. It is all about balance and harmony coming to you.

See how it is all related? I hope that this is enlightening for you. The Beings of Light and I would love to see less fear around these events. Even if you don't understand the vocabulary or what is happening, allowance is key. We had a healing event about allowance with the Attunements with the Masters recently. Those weekly events help make these Light events, portals, retrogrades, and eclipses easier to maneuver. They're like pre-downloads and pre-shifts for events like we're discussing here. I think sometimes that is the fear, in the shift that you might have to give something up that you like. You only release what you at some point decided you didn't like and wasn't for your benefit anyway. You're ready for more fun anyways.

Next up is the eclipse and guess what, it marks the end of eclipse season for this year. It has been a great time for clearing out the old and aligning for higher timelines that have arrived. What does that mean? It has been a time for allowing to shed what is heavy so you can live a happier life, free of suffering. Walking into Higher Dimensional timelines means that it is an opportunity to live free of suffering. They've spoken all year of The Event. This is correlated to the Harmonic Emergence event of last year. I speak of that on vimeo and youtube channels if you wanna understand more about that. You are ascending and you are starting to see the proof of that now, more so in September and most certainly into the end of the year as we experience life differently and sometimes with new people. Here's to more love, higher timelines, and aha moments of clarity.

Lots of Love, Theresa