Our next Attunements With The Masters Session - 30 September


The image on the left is what it looks like during an Attunement With the Masters session. Your hara line is aligned, your I AM Presence is involved, and your chakras are aligned. Everyone receives individualized attention at the same time during these group sessions. Thankfully, time is a human construct, making this possible.

Our next Attunement With The Masters session is September 30th at 10am HST.

The BEings of Light will be present during this group event to uplift your frequency and help provide shifts for you in any area that is needed on physical, emotional, or etheric levels that affect your past, present, or future.

A friend of mine was suffering from sciatica for years and 2 days into 30 Days of Light, she is pain and symptom free. She hadn't even asked for help in that area, but the Angels knew where she needed help. The attunements are helpful with providing miracles in areas you might not be expecting them, but might have asked for at some point. If you sign up for an Attunements With The Masters session, you have the option to purchase 30 Days of Light at a reduced rate, to continue your healing journey.


InLight, Theresa