Are You Living In New Jersey?

The reason why I ask is that you check my blog at a very inconvenient time for me. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Your intense focus on me and my writings every day for months now wakes me up at about 3am my time. Your energy is not healthy and neither is your obsessive behavior. Please take a break and find a focus somewhere else. Perhaps try meditation. I highly recommend a shaman for extensive energy clearing and seeing a mental health professional for your mental disturbances. Your behavior is very disturbing and obsessive. If you want to support an even exchange, feel free to make a donation rather than taking from my precious sleep time with your obsessive focus. You will never be like me by stealing my Light or the Light of others.

You might not realize how intense your focus is or that you are a Light Thief. I am not your soul food. Spirit is sending back to you TEN FOLD the energy you are projecting my way, so you can get a feeling for what you are up to.

Please and thank you. Get off my website.