I thought you should know...

You are loved.png

I thought you should know.

I also want you to know that you are doing great. We are doing the best we can given our circumstances. People use the tools they have and I had to remind someone today of that when they expected something to be a certain way. I was around someone who judged an emotional process because they do that in themselves. It was coupled with a superior tone to their voice about other's struggles, then applied labels for them to make her feel batter. Expressing disgust is her go to.

Often what I find is that my role as a human is in reminding someone to find compassion. It is really important as a practitioner and also as a friend. My go to in any situation are the BEings of Light. They are great because you can go to them when things get tough and part of that is because their immediate response is compassion. They're great for clarity too, but that always comes later.

Spirituality has made it more popular to label an issue than to find compassion in one's self and in others before anything else, especially before giving advice. Americans LOVE giving advice. One of the angels said to me once...when the house is on fire, it is not the time to let someone know what they needed to do to prevent it. You put the fire out first, and compassion is what is required to do that.

Your spiritual team only offers guidance when needed. Compassion comes first. Always. Especially with the angels. They don't judge you. Guides and Ascended Masters will be stern at times to keep you on track, but that's their job. Your job as a human is to offer compassion, not to judge another.

Choose love.

So after a day of witnessing judgement for one's process and for another not being allowed to be messy, I wanted you to know...you are lovable. It was the first thing that I wanted to share with you. You are doing great and you will get through whatever you might be dealing with. Allow yourself your process.

So know this...You are lovable. All of you is loved. This is also why I created the Love spray, so you could experience the unconditional love of the Pink Ray of Light.

Lots of love to you.