When do you feel most free?

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There is a deeply felt freedom in being given the opportunity to freely be ourselves around others. There's a liberty you are giving others by allowing them to fully be themselves. The secret to allowing more for others, is allowing more within ourselves. Sometimes we already allow others more than we allow ourselves. Freedom of expression. Freedom to be ourselves, especially in joy. Freedom to laugh loudly and enjoy life our way. Sometimes expressing our joy and being ourselves gives others permission to do the same. I'm not talking about that heavy place, that's not you. That's your pain. I am talking about the part of you in your heart that is free. That always has been free.

I was invited this past month to revisit a certain situation where I was not permitted to be myself and neither were the people around me. A few could be more so because they had "seniority" and I was reminded of where in life I experience my freedoms, that I had outgrown a situation. Sometimes these retrogrades allow us a chance to revisit situations that your soul knows you've graduated from but the human self isn't sure, so you check it out again. People around the situation projected what they thought it was and I knew it was simpler and yet bigger. They addressed trying to fit in the box when I knew the box was never for me.

And I will give you a little hint, no one ever can or has taken your freedom from you. We sometimes choose to stay in situations we think we cannot change and I assure you, you can always change or shift out of the situation. By change, I do not mean trying to fit into a box not meant for you.

Like we mentioned in the recent Energy Update, the people pleasing days are over.
So I am curious, when or where do you feel most free? The most yourself and in your joy? 

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InLight, Theresa