Emotional Authenticity

There is an interesting pattern coming up in the human collective of judging others for the emotions they express. This is a pattern where they were judged for being emotional, expressing emotions, experiencing emotions, and being human....and so they judge others who express emotions. Secretly? These people want to be able to express their emotions as well but believe that they can't. The moon has shifted into Scorpio and so this is coming up more intensely today, but you'll notice it came up during the last libra full moon (28 days ago) as well. Feeling your emotions is emotional freedom. Suppressing them causes disease. This is different from pulling on the energy of others (which is codependence) and different from being unstable. Some might trying to call someone emotionally unstable for crying when it just isn't the case. Narcissists like calling empaths emotionally unstable when the empath sets boundaries too. Things are kinda messy right about now but tomorrow we head into more grounded territory. Perhaps wait until then to negotiate.