So I created a podcast


I noticed a few years ago that I often wanted to listen to YouTube while doing something else, like on a long walk or while doing dishes. Of course you could play it on speakers when in the house, but on my longer strolls through nature, my phone would stop playing the youtube video if I attempted to lock the screen. However, it would let me listen to audio recordings. Strange, right? I can’t speak for iPhone users and if they have the same issue. I am a loyal Samsung user.

So, for a long time I just held my phone in my hand a little nervous that I might accidentally touch the screen and switch videos. But, I still listened to what was playing rather than watch. Sometimes it’s easier to listen to things for me when doing other things.

Almost two years ago I had a vision of having a podcast. I would check in every 6 months or so about it with my guides and played with the idea and of content, but the timing just didn’t feel right.

Also what crossed my mind is what would I talk about? As if I need a reason to talk lol, but I did wonder about what you, my subscriber, would be interested in. Then I received an email from a woman who loves to listen to my videos and asked me to create a podcast. I knew then that it would be happening soon although to be honest the idea of figuring that out how to do that seemed a bit overwhelming. Thankfully, my website host Squarespace has the best DIY tutorials and it is kinda fun to try out something new like a podcast. They even showed me how to connect to Apple iTunes for publishing my podcast. For free. Nope, lol this is not an ad.

So, I went and did it. I figured it out. My first podcast is up on my website and on iTubes, with the April Energy Update. I feel excited about it. Right now, I plan to post Energy Updates as audios monthly with at least weekly channellings or other discussions. I have some fun ideas for other episodes like channellings about topics of interest. I of course welcome podcast topic ideas for spiritual discussion and would get insight from the Beings of Light for general topics.

You can find my podcast on iTunes and also here on my website in the drop down menu. I am still figuring out if I want to put up videos of my audio recordings on YouTube and how that might develop. That part I am still processing. What do you think about it? Any content you wanna hear about? I was gonna say see, but you’ll be listening rather than watching.

I hope you find it helpful. I feel excited about it and hope you do too.