The Weekly Attunements

How in the world has May come upon us so quickly? It’s all happening so fast and I wanted to share some information with you. The May energy update is of course on it’s way.

I'm excited about this month because the weekly Attunements with the Masters are beginning again. If you've been part of those, then you understand the benefit of these ascension sessions. You get to interact with the Beings of Light personally! Many memories are often made.

If you would like to sign up for the distance Ray of Light Attunement for the month of May, you can do so here.

How it works is you receive straight from Source and the BEings of Light distance light therapy on the day that you sign up. This month's first attunement aids you in making the most of the month's energies. It also makes any challenges easier. Any healing that might naturally occur during the month happens with more ease as well.

The monthly Spray of Light called May 2019 will further support you during the month. You can find that spray here.

If you have any questions about this month's events or the other weekly Attunements With The Masters Events, please be in touch. It is an exciting month ahead!